Charles Cross Roundabout

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Charles Cross roundabout is dangerous to cyclists. When approaching from Royal Parade side, intending to continue east along Exeter Street, there are 3 lanes, of which the left-most is a left-turn-only bus lane.
Cyclists typically go into the middle lane when approaching the roundabout.
On the roundabout itself. there are 3 lanes heading uphill, 1 of which is the bus lane. Cyclists typically tend to take the middle lane and follow it around.
The trouble is, many vehicles in the right-hand lane on the roundabout leave the roundabout from that lane, to go straight up Charles Street, often cutting cyclists up in the process.
Vehicles coming down Charles Street often don't yield to cyclists on the roundabout, and the same happens with vehicles joining from Hampton/Ebrington Street. Those vehicles often try to cut across two lanes to get to the innermost lane of the roundabout.
There is a cycle lane along the southern edge of the roundabout, though that really is only of use for cyclists riding west along Exeter Street, towards Royal Parade. Cyclists wishing to exit the roundabout at either Charles Street or Hampton/Ebrington Street must leave the cycle lane.
Vehicles entering or leaving the parking in front of Staples often do not yield to cyclists.
Crossing Charles Cross from Exeter Street, while riding in a westerly direction has the benefit of using the bus lane, which allows cyclists to set off without having to compete with other traffic for road space.


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