New pedestrian crossing, Warwick Road

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TfL overview:

Having listened to concerns from local residents regarding road safety and the local environment in the Warwick Road area, we are proposing a package of improvements aimed at making this stretch of Warwick Road feel more safe, comfortable and pleasant for residents and visitors.

New pedestrian crossing 

We are proposing a new signalised pedestrian crossing close to the entrance of Kendall House (Kensington Row) on Warwick Road between Pembroke Road and Kensington High Street. This will provide a safe option for people wishing to cross this part of Warwick Road. The crossing will have a raised table (meaning it will be level with the pavement) making it easier to cross and helping to reduce the speed of traffic. We will also make the pavement wider on the eastern side of the road, again to help slow traffic on the approach to the crossing. The crossing will have pedestrian countdown facilities, and audible signals with a tactile cone to help people with sight or hearing difficulties. These will be turned down overnight to avoid disturbing nearby residents.

Installing the crossing at this location does mean that a small section of the on-street parking on the eastern side of Warwick Road will need to be slightly reduced. However, this will only affect one parking space, and we do not anticipate this will have a significant impact on parking in the area.

Public space improvements

Alongside the new crossing, we are also proposing some improvements to make the area feel more pleasant and safe for local people. This includes:

  • Renewing the pavement outside Kendall House with better quality ‘York’ stone which matches to the rest of the pavement along the street
  • Extending the kerb and footpath to the north of Kendall House
  • Repairing the footpath at the base of the tree to the north of Kendall House (please note we will not be removing the tree)
  • Installing large box planters to act as a barrier for this part of the road. These would contain planting to help green and improve the feel of the area.     


March 10th, 2019


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