A10 Ely to Cambridge

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Added by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer)

The Ely to Cambridge Transport Study is a wide-ranging multi-modal study which has made recommendations on the transport schemes needed to accommodate the major development planned at a new town north of Waterbeach, Cambridge Northern Fringe East (CNFE) and the Cambridge Science Park (CSP). The study has three strands:
- Strand 1 looks at the overall transport requirements on the corridor
- Strand 2 looks at the specific requirements for growth at Waterbeach
- Strand 3 looks at the specific requirements for growth at CNFE/CSP

The commission has delivered:
- An options study and Strategic Outline Business Case for the overall package of
interventions on the Ely to Cambridge corridor;
- A transport study that identifies the infrastructure package and phasing of that
package to provide for the transport demand of the development of a new town north
of Waterbeach,
- A transport study supported by modelling which provides evidence for the level of
development which could be supported in the CNFE/CSP area and its phasing, in transport terms.

The scope of the study was drawn up to incorporate three separate, but interlinked issues; namely the need for a Strategic Planning Document or Area Action Plan for both Waterbeach New Town and the CNFE, hence providing a Transport Evidence Base for Plan Making as required by National Planning Practice Guidance. Early thinking was also required on the requirements of the whole corridor to inform Tranches 2 and 3 of delivering the Greater Cambridge City Deal.

The study is separate to, but links with the A10 Ely to King’s Lynn Study which was reported to the Committee in September and to the M11-A47 Extension Study which has been commissioned by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and is due to report in summer 2018.


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