Wick Road Improvement Scheme

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Added by Natalie G

Hackney Council’s proposals for improving the Wick Road area
between Kenworthy Road and Morning Lane, including:
• reverting Wick Road to two-way traffic
• adding better pedestrian crossings
• creating separate cycle tracks in both directions
• replacing trees
• removing some car parking.

For walking
Better crossing points at the three signal junctions and ‘informal’ (i.e. not signal or zebra) raised crossings between Morning Lane and Barnabas Road, and Barnabas Road and Kenworthy Road. The majority of kerbside parking will be removed, making the environment more pleasant and safe.

For cycling
Cycle tracks will mean that people will be able to cycle off the road. The signalised cycling link north-south between Bradstock Road and Barnabas Road will be retained.
For bus users Buses will be able to travel west to east, which will improve the bus links from Wick Road into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park area. New bus stops will be created.

For local residents
The two-way traffic will improve vehicle access to the local roads and estates and the A12 from the west. This will reduce ‘rat-running’ on many local roads, improving local air quality and lowering vehicle speeds.

For the environment
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) will be created, the lighting upgraded to LED units and the footpaths and carriageways will be resurfaced. New trees will be planted to replace a number of diseased trees.


August 31st, 2017


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