Roehampton Lane needs safe space4cycling

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Added by MB

A fast road - dual carriageway in both directioms and with 6 lanes at one end. Speed limit of 30mph rarely respected - except in rushhour when speeds can be down to zero mph at times.

Cyclists can not cycle safely along either side of the road. Cars, lorries, busses etc are travelling too fast, with drivers jostling to change lanes, overtake busses or 'beat the lights'. The cyclists I see are on the pavement & I don't blame them - frankly the layout is not fit for cyclists. Fortunately the pavement is wide, there are few pedestrians and there is ample room for considerate cyclists to travel this way. More cyclists would use this roue if it was safer & if it joined up properly with Danebury Avenue & the other cycle routes in the area.

With the wide pavements & carriageway there is room for segregated cycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle routes. There may even be room for 'floating' bus stops. A zebra or Toucan crossing on the road would also reduce average speeds.


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