Royal College Street Southern Extension (Pancras Road)

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Added by John Chamberlain

Camden are consulting on their plans to extend the Royal College Street cycle tracks to the south, down Pancras Road towards Kings Cross. Unfortunately, the plans for the junctions at St Pancras and contra-flow up Midland Road are not ready yet, so it will remain difficult to get to and from the south and east until these are finalised, but this is another link in the planned North-South route through the borough as part of the London Cycle Grid.

Details of the proposals can be found on Camden’s website at:

For cyclists, the main proposals are as follows:
- Protected cycle lanes from Royal College Street to just south of Chenies Place.
- Removal of two bus-stops to make the cycle lanes continuous
- North-bound bus-stop converted to 'island' style.
- Southbound bus-stop uses Royal College Street style due to lack of road width.
- Additional protection for cyclists crossing Crowndale Road from Royal College Street.

You can reply to the consultation via Camden's website. Please also add your comments to the threads on this issue, or by email to john AT . We have already had suggestions for improvements to the lane behind the bus-stop at Chenies Place. We will be saying that cyclists heading north to Royal College Street should use Goldington Crescent to avoid one set of traffic lights and the need to cross lanes. What else?

Our response needs to be in by 14th November so we'll take comments on board until the 7th.


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