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  • Trust Pathways

    The Trust Pathways group seeks a fully integrated cycle pathways network across Durham City and the wider area to encourage more people to cycle in safety, on dedicated cycle paths, segregated space alongside main roads, or on quiet roads with low traffic levels.

    If you live or cycle in Durham, please join up! Our members are also represented in the Durham City Cycling Forum organised by th...

  • Chester Cycling Campaign

    This is a group for people interested in campaigning for better cycle facilities in the Chester area.

    If you are not already a member of the Chester Cycling Campaign please join as a member of the Ca...

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  • Rushmoor Cycle Forum

    The Rushmoor Cycle Forum is a varied cross-section of Rushmoor residents/employees linked by a desire to facilitate the use of bikes for recreation and as a means of transport.

    We meet regularly with officers from Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire County Council to discuss issues concerning cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

    More information at

    This CycleScape group is for members of the Rushmoor Cycle Forum. If you wish to join the group, ...

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  • Brent Cyclists

    The local group of the London Cycling Campaign in Brent.

    Anyone interested in cycling and cycle infrastructure in Brent may join this CycleScape group and...

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  • Ealing Cycling Campaign

    We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign. We campaign to improve conditions for cyclists in Ealing. We have regular meetings with the council where we raise cycling issues. Please join this group to report an issue, or comment on issues already listed.
    For more information about us, see our website at:

  • The Otter Trail (Devon)

    Pupils at The King’s School. Ottery are proposing a new cycleway follow the old railway track starting at Feniton, through Ottery and Tipton St John and finishing at Sidmouth.

  • Plymouth Cycle Campaign

    This is the Plymouth Cycling Campaign's Cyclescape page. The area for which we'd get alerts extends to well outside Plymouth, to include roads that Plymouth cyclists may often be riding on.

    Also see our main web site at

    The Plymouth Cycling Campaign needs you! What do you as a cyclist or interested party want to see the Campaign focus on, i.e. better c...

  • Cyclox

    This group is set up to identify issues and problems for cyclists in the Greater Oxford area. Current members are the Cyclox Committee and Cyclox Champions who campaign on local issues in their areas. Other Cyclox members are welcome to join at request.

  • Southwark Cyclists

    A local campaigning group of the London Cycling Campaign based in the London borough of Southwark.

    This group is used to identify improvements that could make cycling more fun, attractive and safe in the borough.

  • Newcycling - Newcastle Cycling Campaign

    We know from speaking to local people, that many don't cycle because of the aggressive traffic and road environments. Yet, most quite like the idea of cycling to get around. We are lobbying for a better Newcastle putting people, not cars, at the city's heart.

    Get logging. Add those transport hotspots and cycle infrastructure failings to the map, for everyone to see. So we can discuss them an...

    Becoming a member of the Newcycling is easy. It's free, just fill in a short form http://newcycli...

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  • Abergavenny Cycle Group

    This is the Cyclescape page for the Abergavenny Cycle Group. It's the place where we discuss practical steps needed to make the roads in and Abergavenny more inviting places for cycling. To get involved create an account on Cyclescape (click on Sign In, at the top right of the screen) and request to join this group.

    The main Abergavenny Cycle Group website, with information about social rid...

  • South East Hampshire (Waterlooville, Denmead,Clanfield)

    Group covering South East Hampshire (Denmead, Clanfield, Wickham, Hambledon, Purbrook, Waterlooville).

    Borders the Havant & Hayling CTC group to the east and PompeyBUG /Portsmouth group to the south.
    No knowledge of group around petersfield/Meons to the north, or Further West.

  • Waverley Cycling Forum

    The Waverley Cycle Forum has been in existence since 1998.
    Developing Cycle strategy from Waverley's councillors, engineers and cyclists..

    In the past, it has attempted to bring considerable cycling knowledge, experience and common sense to the local authorities and related bodies to assist them in creating and refining the cycling developments and problems that occur within the overall ar...

  • Burntisland Paths, Pavements and Open Spaces

    The aim of this group is to improve conditions for walking, cycling and enjoying outdoor activities by looking at issues (and opportunities) with paths, pavements (damaged or needing extra dropped kerbs), playparks (existing and potential), beaches, woodland, open spaces etc.

    NOTE the drawn area is arbitrary. The inclusion of Auchtertool is mostly because it’s in the same Fife Council ward a...


    This group is for anyone wanting to improve walking and cycling conditions in and around B...

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