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  • Cambridge Cycling Campaign

    Cambridge Cycling Campaign was formed in 1995 to provide a voice for cyclists in Cambridge and the surrounding villages. We aren't a cycling club, but an organisation of volunteers campaigning for the rights of cyclists and promoting cycling in and around Cambridge. We lobby for better and more convenient conditions for cycling, safer roads, and more people on bikes. It is now a charity, regist...

    The Cambridge Cycling Campaign group in Cyclescape is for Campaign members. If you aren't already...

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  • Colchester Cycling Campaign

    We are Colchester Cycling Campaign and we want to make it easier for people aged 8 to 80 to ride a bike to work, school, the shops or just to meet friends. We press our councils to provide better infrastructure and conditions for everyday cyclists, with funds coming from public expenditure and companies involved in new developments.

    Colchester Cycling Campaign is shaping the future for every...

  • Camden Cyclists

    Camden Cyclists (aka Camden Cycling Campaign) is the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign. Our website is:

    All of the Consultations that we respond to are first posted on Cyclescape (for info on how to post a new consultation, see We encourage members and others to offer comments and suggestions for inc...

    After registering on Cyclescape you can post messages on all our public discussions and you can i...

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  • Spokes East Kent

    Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign is a long-established group covering the Kent districts of Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Shepway, Swale, and Thanet and the unitary authority of Medway.

    You can request membership of this Cyclescape group, if you want to be involved in the Spokes East Kent activities.

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  • CycleSheffield

    For over 20 years Cycle Sheffield has campaigned to create a cycle-friendly Sheffield, making the city safe and more accessible for cyclists.

    We are the eyes and ears for all cyclists in Sheffield. We keep cycling on the council’s agenda, we fight poor decision making and we influence policy.

  • Richmond Cycling Campaign

    Group for the Richmond branch of the London Cycling Campaign. We want Richmond to be a cycle friendly borough. To achieve this, we are working with the council to improve facilities for cyclists and we are raising the profile of cycling in the borough through education and participation. For more information visit

    Membership of this group is currently restricted whilst we develop our use of Cyclescape.

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  • Westminster Cycling Campaign

    We are the local, volunteer group of the London Cycling Campaign. Our group is open to any LCC member who lives, works, studies or cycles in the City of Westminster. We aim to encourage people to cycle, improve conditions for cycling and raise the profile of cycling in Westminster. The majority of our 250 members are Westminster residents. When we write to our ...

  • City Cycling Edinburgh

    This was created for people who were members of BUT is clearly for anyone interested in improving paths and on-road infrastructure in this area.

    Cyclescape should be a valuable resource for highlighting and discussing some of the many issues that bicycle users in Edinburgh would like to see improved.

    Posting an “issue” here doesn’t mean anything will happ...

    This is an experimental attempt at using cyclescape to discuss (and record in one place) issues t...

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  • London Cycling Campaign

    London Cycling Campaign is a 12,000-strong membership charity, making sure that everyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, has a voice in Greater London.

    Private threads are for LCC activists to discuss issues relevant to cycling in London.

    The London Cycling Campaign group in Cyclescape is for Campaign members. If you aren't already a ...

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  • Barnet Cyclists

    Barnet Cyclists is the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). The group has about 300 members of all ages and abilities and includes commuter, utility, sport and leisure cyclists. Our aim is to encourage more active, healthy forms of travel and, in particular, to get people out on their bicycles and riding on the roads in, and through Barnet. We campaign for good quality, safe,...

    This Cyclescape group is for members of Barnet Cyclists who are keen to campaign for improved cyc...

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  • Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign

    Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign is a voluntary group working to make cycling in and around Greater Manchester easier, safer and more enjoyable, so more people cycle more often. We aim to represent, support and empower people who currently cycle, or would like to cycle in future. The Campaign has been operating since 1981 and was originally called Sprocket. More information at

    Please include your real name or membership number in your request to be added to GMCC's Cyclesca...

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  • Epping Forest Transport Action Group

    EFTAG Cycling, part of the Epping Forest Transport Action Group, is the cycling campaign for Epping Forest.

    We campaign for safer cycling facilities for all kinds of people on bikes, working with others to promote this healthy, convenient and cost-effective form of transport. We want a better cycling environment across the district: for getting to shops, schools or work, as well as for leisu...

    You can also sign up for our email list at

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  • Bristol Cycling Campaign

    Bristol Cycling Campaign sees a future where Bristol and the surrounding areas are alive with people on bicycles, because cycling is so easy that everyone does it. Our communities will be happier, healthier, greener and more civilised.

    Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive cycling culture. We will inspire and empower people, press for sustained investment in cycling, and be a str...

    We're happy for anyone to participate in this group. We'd be even happier if you were also a memb...

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  • SPOKES South West Herts Cycling Group

    This is the campaigning web site of Spokes South West Herts Cycling Group. We campaign in the following parts of Hertfordshire:
    ◦ Three Rivers District,
    ◦ Watford Borough, plus
    ◦ the Bushey North and Bushey South electoral divisions of Hertsmere District.

    For information about why and how to use Cyclescape please read the guide for new users at:

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  • Pedals (Nottingham Cycling Campaign)

    Pedals is the cycle campaign group for the Greater Nottingham area. We campaign for safer cycling and better provision for sustainable travel in general. We engage with relevant councils and agencies to press for better infrastructure across the city and linking to nearby countryside. Monthly meetings are held at 7.30pm on the 3rd Monday of every month (except public holidays) at the Vat and F...

    The Pedals cyclescape group is open to all cyclists with an interest in cycling infrastructure in...

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  • Welhat Cycling

    WelHat Cycling is a cycle campaigning group working in Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council area. Our aim is to encourage cycling in the Borough by campaigning to improve existing cycling facilities and provide new facilities for proposed developments. We attend many local events to publicise our activities and run novice cycle rides to local attractions.

    Come along to one of our regular monthly meetings, or join one of our rides. Meetings take place ...

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