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  • Chalkers corner - northbound pinch point

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Cyclists crossing the junction on the road (not the pavement) going north are frequently squeezed by the pinch point created by the central pedestrian crossing refuge at the mouth of the A205 and junction with A316

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  • South Worple Way - obstruction

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    South Worple Way is signposted as part of LCN 37; but the western end of it is blocked off with this obstruction; which leaves only a very narrow gap for bikes to get through. Could you get a cargo bike or a trailer through there?

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  • Queens Road - pavement cycling school run

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Doing the school run on bikes - with hiviz, helmets and cycling on the pavement. Queens Road, Richmond, northbound. Cyclists feel vulnerable due to high traffic volumes. There is a wide pavement and wide road here; with enough space to create a dedicated cyclepath.

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  • Sheen Road - more pavement cycling

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    This dad with kids in a trailer clearly doesn't feel safe enough to use the bike lane so he cycles on the pavement. Probably because he's on the way to one of the 7 schools or nurseries near to this route; and the cars are doing 40mph on that nice wide road. This is a regular sight on this route.

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  • Sheen Rd / Upper Richmond Rd West - segregation needed

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Despite the cycle lanes being mandatory along this stretch the road layout is such that vehicles frequently intrude into the cyclelane - as this bus did.

    White paint does not work on this stretch and some other segregation method is needed -eg a kerb; vertical posts or similar.

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  • A316 Cycle Lane - Priority over side roads

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    I have serious concerns about the safety of this portion of the bike path; arising from its recent re-design. Recently my 10 year old son was in a very close “near-miss” with a car turning off the A316 into Bicester Road; and I believe many more similar incidents are likely occurring. Eventually someone will be seriously hurt or killed on it.

    However, the improvement in the track leads cyclists to feel more confident in using it – giving a false sense of security.

    In particular:
    • The segregated track makes it particularly appealing for inexperienced and more vulnerable cyclists (such as kids).
    • This track design leads to an increase in the cyclists speed.
    • The smooth/quick nature of the track leads inexperienced cyclists to believe that THEY HAVE RIGHT OF WAY across side roads.
    • There are no markings on the roads to tell drivers coming in or out of side roads that cyclists could be on the track crossing their path.
    • There is a particular challenge for EASTBOUND cyclists.

    To avoid stopping at every side road, when on the track travelling Eastbound (as per red arrow on photo) approaching roads such as Bicester road, the cyclist has to simultaneously
    (a) check to their FRONT/LEFT side to see if a car is exiting the side road
    (b) check BEHIND them on their REAR/ RIGHT hand side to see if a car is about to swing off the A316 into the side road (usually at speed) - (as per orange arrow on photo).

    This is a hard combination to perform – looking 180 degrees opposite directions at the same time. If you are an inexperienced cyclist, on an apparently safe track, it is very likely that you will not realise you have to be this vigilant and not check adequately for cars.

    Hence, my boy rode across Bicester road from the east and was very nearly hit by a car turning off the A316.

    (Note that travelling from the west is somewhat easier as both the vehicles turning in from the A316 and those turning out from the side roads are in your front field of vision).

    My suggestions for improving this situation are:
    (1) Clearly mark the bike track across the side roads so cars are aware there are cyclists approaching from the side.
    (2) Ideally, give cyclists priority across the side roads; so making cars slow to a halt and making it more intuitive for cyclists.
    (3) To facilitate this, would require some stopping space for traffic coming on/off the A316 to after the bike track crossing

    At roads such as Bicester road the bike track could be curved to the south by about 2m before crossing the side road – this curve in the track would
    (a) naturally slow cyclists down as they approach the side road
    (b) would provide vehicles moving onto the A316 a decent gap so they can separate the concerns of first negotiating the bike track then focus on getting on the A316;
    (c) for vehicles coming off the A316 the additional space would give them space to stop and give way to cyclists.

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  • Bike parking - White Hart Lane

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    There's plenty of shops on White Hart Lane but the only bike parking is right at the northern end. There is room for more bike stands near the shops at the southern end opposite Westfields Avenue.

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  • route Richmond - Twickenham

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    Riverside path - scenic.
    Richmond bridge is NOT quiet.
    The path is narrow in places and surface sometimes poor. On a Sunday it can be congested with pedestrians. How to signpost - recommended except when fine ?

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  • route Strawberry Hill - Hampton

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    Links the Twickenham - Hampton Wick route with Hampton (Schools)
    Toucan crossing of Waldegrave Rd and cycle-able (but marked cyclists dismount) bridge over the railway. A toucan across Wellington Rd was intended but only a pelican installed.
    Burtons Rd is a notorious rat-run - needs permiable closure.
    New crossing of Uxbridge Rd barely adaquate.
    No Cycling on bridge over Longford River.

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  • Route Hampton-Hampton Wick

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    For most of this we have an ideal greenway. There is a busy section of Hampton Hill high street. Possibly use the crossings at Uxbridge Rd for bi-directional track on East side. A section of Park Rd is one way. No facilities in Hampton Wick.

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  • Route Twickenham - Hampton Wick

    Created by Paul L // 1 thread

    Between Twickenham and Teddington lock the only sensible route involves the main road A310. The cycle lane southbound is narrow and parking is allowed by Radnor Gdns. at weekends. Northbound a bus lane is peak hours only.

    Teddington to Hampton Wick uses Broom Road which is busier than ideal. Road closure in middle would help.

    Hampton Wick Highstreet lacks cycle protection. Possible diversion to riverside path.

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  • Cumberland Rd Kew - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    This street provides the main access way to both Queen’s CE Primary School and Kew College (private school). Because it is currently one-way; anyone wishing to cycle to these schools from the south is forced to cycle north up Leyborne Park, onto the A205 (or the narrow pavement-based cycle path) and then down Cumberland Road. This puts some significant extra distance onto the journey, plus the unpleasantness of cycling alongside the A205. Similarly, for those leaving these schools to travel north, they are forced to travel south for the length of Cumberland Road and then turn back up Leyborne Park – again adding unnecessary distance and effectively making cycling a very inconvenient way of getting to these schools. Streetview:

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  • Wiggins Lane Ham - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The northern section of Wiggins Lane is a one-way street, however this is an important desire-line for cyclists from the centre of Ham heading for Ham House and the river-side paths. Many cyclists already treat this as a contraflow - without the appropriate signage to warn oncoming motorists, this is a dangerous situation - see

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  • Unmarked path to Richmond Park from Queen's Road

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    There is a useful but unmarked path from Queen's Road to Richmond Park and through to Sheen. It is used by pedestrians and cyclists & I have never seen it on any map! From Lower Grove Road, it takes you to the park via Bog Gate, or Sheen via Sheen Common.

    If it were better marked on maps, better maintained & wider in places, it could form a useful section of Richmond's (paved, segregated, Dutch style?) cycling network.

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  • Path from Oldfield Rd to Upper Sunbury Rd Toucan.

    Created by Paul L // 1 thread

    This path is included in the Richmond Cycle Map and leads to a toucan and is a useful link from Hampton to the quietish Lower Hampton Rd towards Sunbury but is marked "No Cycling".
    There is little pedestrian traffic but ideally it could be made wider.

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  • Richmond Athletic Association carpark exit

    Created by Paul James // 1 thread

    The exit from the car park crosses the shared use path and is blind from the drivers POV if they stop at the give way markings. This means that drivers will move blindly across the shared use path without being able to see cycles moving along the path.

    The solution is to close the gate to motor traffic.

    The carpark is accessible from both the driveway to Pools on the Park and from Kew Foot Road and the entrance from Pools on the Park would appear adequate to act as both an entrance and an exit.

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  • Create quiet route to Barnes Station

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    Create a shared use path (or even better a dedicated cycle track) from the junction of Woodlands Road / Vine Road to Barnes Railway station - this would join LCN37 and providing a quiet route to Barnes Railway station for many residents of Sheen / Mortlake, avoiding the busy A205. This route is currently a footpath.

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