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  • Dangerous cycle route at Heath Road

    Created by Caroline Page // 1 thread

    Eastbound cyclists wishing to avoid the double roundabout at this point are routed onto the pavement, across the exit for the Shell garage (often to the surprise of exiting drivers), and then (still across pavement) onto a piece of decommissioned road used as access and double-sided parking for a parade of shops. This road has a separate car entrance from the roundabout.
    Its a lethal combination -I have personally once been hit by a car turning fast from the roundabout on the road entrance as I entered it from the bike route. The driver was very angry because it was my fault that she didn't look out for me. You then have to cycle between two sets of parked cars/vans: there are frequent hazards: suddenly opened doors, people reversing/leaving the parking place without looking behind.
    At the end, the cyclist is signed again onto pavement heavily used by schoolchildren/old people at the eastbound Heath Road Roundabout bus stop, before being routed back onto the road along the pull-off for the bus itself.
    My personal view is that this scheme has been created and signed by a maniac

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  • Grove Lane traffic lights (Northbound)

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    This junction has recently been "upgraded", but it still has a single lane at the lights, with a left filter arrow which turns green before the main light to proceed straight ahead.

    If you are waiting to proceed straight ahead this effectively means you are marooned in the middle of the junction with traffic behind you waiting to turn left.

    Not much fun in a car either, but it is considerably more unpleasant and dangerous on a bike.

    I'm not sure if there is an answer other than removing the left filter cycle.

    There is a general difficulty with decent routes from this area north up to Woodbridge Road in the rush hour, and this would seem like the best route if it were not for this issue.

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