No safe cycle access to Brewers Fayre / Premier Inn at Freebridge Farm, West Lynn

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Added by Rob Archer

There is no cycle (or foot) access to Freebridge Farm from Wisbech Road. Cyclists have to negotiate a series of difficult junctions and unpleasant service roads to access thus popular pub, hotel and restaurant. To leave the site and head into King's Lynn cyclists are faced with a choice of turning left and negotiating the very busy roundabout and returning towards West Lynn, or making an illegal right turn onto the busy Clenchwarton road. Many of the staff at the site cycle and several more would like to if there was safe cycle access. The service road is less than 50m from Wisbech Road with it's reasonable quality cycleway and there are existing gaps in the hedge that could be used. Ideally a controlled (toucan) crossing should be provided.


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