Badly Designed Junction

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Added by Dawes Jaguar

Bunbury Road is busy, but road users emerging from Woodlands Park Road and Northfield Road have to play a game of chicken as they try to judge the best moment to make a rapid exit without crashing into each other. Adding to the processing overload, the following must also be taken into account by road users:

* A service road opposite Woodlands Park Road connects with Bunbury Road at this point.
* A cycle path runs from the junction down to Bunbury Gardens.
* A zebra crossing, one that many motorists (including police drivers) fail to stop for, presumably because of the processing overload.

Lacking acceleration, cyclists face a long wait either at the junction or the zebra crossing. Either way they risk being mown down by a motorist lacking the superhuman skills required to negotiate this junction safely. Since even police drivers make dangerous mistakes here, then it is clearly hopelessly wrong.

There is quite a bit of space here. I would suggest as a minimum a single lane roundabout be created, but since Bunbury Road is busy and there is already a cycle path here it should be made a proper Dutch-style roundabout. To ease the design, close Northfield Road at this point to motor traffic (Northfield Road runs parallel to Bunbury Road).


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