NE Ipswich missing link at Woodbridge Road railway bridge

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Added by Jon_B

The cycle link from Bramley Hill to Haslemere Drive has opened up a route via Lacey Street, Haslemere Drive and Bramley Hill as a much quieter parallel route to Woodbridge Road for cycles.

However, to proceed to North East Ipswich from here means cycling (or indeed walking or driving) via Woodbridge Road at the point where it crosses the railway line. There are no other crossings for a considerable distance to the North or South.

The land fronting Woodbridge Road to the North is currently for sale for residential development.

If this land is developed I believe that this should include an additional cycle and pedestrian bridge over the railway to Belvedere Road to open up access to the residential areas NE of this (as well as Sidegate Lane Primary School) without having to use Woodbridge Road.


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