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  • West Greenwich (Hills & Vales ) Traffic Reduction

    Created by Neil Robertson // 1 thread

    To reduce through traffic in the Hills and Vales area of West Greenwich.

    Two options are offered:-

    1. 4 Modal filters and a one way road.

    2. 2 modal filters 2 one ways and a timed restriction with camera control on Hyde vale.

    Even very narrow lanes in this area are used by rat running vehicles, often at unsuitable speeds, so removal of through traffic will improve the area.

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  • School Street for Arbury Primary School

    Created by Daniel Thomas // 1 thread

    Carlton Way gets a lot of through traffic during school run and both parent parking and commuter traffic create an unsafe environment for children going to Arbury Primary School or Pre-School.
    A School Street on the section of Carlton Way between Perse Way and Brimley Road and on Hall Farm Road between Carlton Way and Topham Way might be one way of substantially improving the situation.

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