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  • Two-way driving in Sedgwick Street for 54m requested by Tesco

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Tesco appear to have asked the County Council to enable them to drive lorries into their store from Sedgwick Street (despite moving in in 2009 knowing that this was prohibited).

    The proposal would make Sedgwick Street two-way for driving for 57m, then one-way for driving after that.

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  • Disgraceful unloading practices by Tesco, East Road, Cambridge

    Created by Martin L-S // 1 thread

    Ever since Tesco opened their new shop on East Road, there has been poor unloading practice.

    The company is unloading always from the front of the store with a large lorry which:

    - Is stopped in the (advisory) cycle lane.
    - The tail of the lorry is opened into the carriageway without a banksman, with the corner of it at the same height as a cyclist having to merge round the lorry - there is real potential for a head injury because of the relative invisibility of this
    - Causing traffic to be reduced to one effective lane (or two, just squeezing through, if no large vehicles), causing delays for a half an hour period.

    They have stopped using the zig-zag lines.

    This photo shows the danger that is created:

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  • Arena Park Restaurants

    Created by James Avery // 0 threads

    As freeholders of the site, Tesco have applied for planning permission for two new restaurants between the roundabout shown and the railway tracks / A444 (above the dual carriageway).

    Two core issues:

    1) This is an extremely dangerous, uncontrolled crossing - traffic leaves the A444 at 50mph, and is still 30 as it reaches the roundabout. As the map shows, there are Belisha crossings both north and south of this roundabout, so why not to the west, where traffic is still fast and undivided?

    2) Cycle parking on the rest of the site is still grossly inadequate. 18 cycle parking spaces are proposed with the restaurant - the same number as the rest of the site combined - although these are actually all in one place at the south of the site.

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  • Poor cycle parking at Tesco, Whitstable

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The cycle parking at Tesco's Whitstable store is of poor quality and badly placed to be hidden behind a trolley park. This means that it is not particularly well used or discoverable and adversely affects cycle security.

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  • Mill Road Tesco

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Over the years there have been multiple issues on this site.

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