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  • Belmont Viaduct

    Created by Gregory // 1 thread

    I know this has been proposed before, but I wanted to add an issue to Cyclescapes in the hope that it might come up again. We can collect reports and evidence here.

    Reopening the Belmont Viaduct to cyclists and pedestrians could greatly shorten and improve a lot of journeys into and across Durham.
    Previously Durham Council (before the County Council?) were awarded lottery funding for this. I think the issue was with landowners, and so the funding got diverted to projects outside of the city.

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  • St. Mark's Road to Holloway cut-through

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    This shortcut is technically pedestrians-only, but forms a useful link from the environs of Bath Spa station (Widcombe) to Holloway, a dead-end for motor vehicles and therefore a quiet, if steep, climb to Bear Flat, Wellsway and beyond.

    Dropped kerbs, barrier/chicane removal etc. would make this route usable by parents with cycle trailers, people on cargobikes and the like.

    It was slated as a piece of work to be done by Bath & NE Somerset, but there's been no news lately.

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