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  • River path cycle/pedestrian conflict

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Comment from October 2014 Cycle Ipswich meeting:

    "Want separate cycle and pedestrian lanes all the way along the river path."

    Currently the river path is a useful off road link, however it's far too narrow for both pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • NCN 15 Trent Bridge to Clifton suggested route

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 0 threads

    Proposed route of NCN 15 from Trent bridge to Clifton, following the south bank of the river Trent. The idea under discussion is for the route to be temporarily signed by Sustrans volunteer rangers in the first instance. there are also plans to sign an NCN 15 to NCN6 link route via Wilford Toll, Birdcage walk, Lenton Lane, Abbey St. NCN15 from Clifton westwards to East Midlands parkway station can be signed once the A453 works are complete.

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  • Barton Ferry Cottages - right of way conflict

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 1 thread

    There have been tacks thrown on the path in this area which cause punctures. Residents have put up signs saying 'no cycling'. This is a defacto bridleway & has been used as such as long as anyone can remember. A local resident has made a witness statement to this effect which is being dealt with by Nottinghamshire County Council rights of way officers.

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