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  • Meadrow Improvements

    Created by Ian taylor // 1 thread

    With the resurfacing on Meadrow there is an opportunity change the cycle track markings. The cycle track from Peasmarsh to Farncombe Kings Road Junction is dangerous in a few places, including

    1) Double pedestrian refugees near the garage at the Farncombe end - currently the cycle track continues through this area making it look as though there is space for a cyclists and a vehicle which there is not (I personally have been through there and an overtaking car has hit the second refuge within there wheel dislodging there hub cap that then went dangerously in front of my path). Here the cycle track needs removing some distance before the first refuge and return after the second refuge with no markings in-between

    2) Catteshall Road Junction - here the cycle track keeps cyclists too close to the kerbside where they are not seen by vehicle coming out of Catteshall Road and makes the right turn into Kings Road harder for cyclists. Here the cycle path should finish some distance short of the junction and not restart till after the junction.

    Other improvements would include

    1) Making the whole stretch from the corner before the first refuge 30 MPH
    2) Remove the centre line.
    3) Continue new offroad road on on existing wide footway to Cattershall Road Junction.
    4) Further improvements to the Kings Road/Meadrow/Catteshall Road junctions

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  • Awkward turning onto cycle path, Shincliffe Peth

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    Coming out of Durham down Shincliffe Peth on the A167, there is a pedestrian refuge at the foot of the hill, by the turning to the cycle-track which skirts the bottom of Maiden Castle hill-fort. You are expected to negotiate a 180 degree turn to access this track, at the same time as avoiding speeding cars and the pinch-point of a refuge. In the other direction, cyclists have to be cautious of using the refuge as the width of it is not sufficient to accommodate a tandem or a cycle with trailer or child tag-along attachment. Visibility is poor when crossing the road from north to south.

    Improvements might include moving the 30mph limit to the foot of the hill, introducing speed cushions or a raised junction table. If the speed were reduced, the central refuge would not be needed and some of the difficulties might be avoided, but that may not be the best solution at this site.

    Speed of the traffic is the main issue here, both for cyclists and the pedestrians who use the popular footpaths.

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