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  • Junction of A100 Tower Bridge Road and Tanner Street

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    TfL Overview
    In partnership with the London Borough of Southwark, we have developed proposals to improve the provision for cyclists and other road users around Tower Bridge Road/Tanner Street junction, and we would like to hear your views.

    What are we proposing?
    The proposals are part of the Central London Grid – a network of cycle routes in Zone 1. The route passes along Tanner Street, Southwark Council consulted on proposals on the rest of the route in autumn 2015, including proposals for the one-way operation of Tanner Street. Our proposals aim to improve safety and create more space for cyclists, and have been coordinated with Southwark Council’s designs.
    Our proposals also include changes to traffic and bus lanes, as well as new traffic restrictions and improved pedestrian crossings.

    The enclosed consultation drawing shows the proposals for this junction. The numbered descriptions below correspond with the numbered labels on the drawing.
    1 Carriageway to be widened by 0.5 metres to improve traffic flow. There will still be sufficient width maintained on the footway.
    2 Centre lines to be altered to provide two northbound general traffic lanes further back from the junction with Druid Street
    3 New one-way westbound on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Archie Street to create space for a segregated two-way cycle track
    4 New one-way eastbound on Tanner Street between Tower Bridge Road and Pope Street to allow for contraflow cycle provision
    5 Segregated bi- directional cycle track to allow cyclists to approach and exit the junction with substantially reduced risk of conflict with motor vehicles
    6 New segregated contraflow cycle track to parallel crossing to allow for safer approach for cyclists, and to decrease potential conflict between modes of traffic. This would require the relocation of a loading bay (see 9 and 10)
    7 New parallel cycle/pedestrian crossing to connect the cycle route on Tanner Street and allow cyclists to conveniently cross Tower Bridge Road separately from pedestrians
    8 Cycle stands to be relocated to allow for widened traffic lanes on the approach to the junction, and to prevent conflict between traffic modes
    9 Loading bay relocated from Tanner Street to Tower Bridge Road to create space for the contraflow cycle track (see 6). The same operating hours will apply
    10 New position of relocated loading bay from Tanner Street (see 9)
    11 Loading bay relocated 12m south to provide enough space for traffic to merge. Operating hours will remain the same.
    12 New bus lane (Hours of operation: Mon –Sat, 7am-10am, 4pm-7pm) to make journeys faster and more reliable for bus passengers. We would create space by moving the centre line on this section of Tower Bridge Road.

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  • Central London Grid / Quietway - Earls Court Square area

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    These junctions are part of the Central London Grid - a set of connected routes for cyclists across central London comprising a network of Quietways and Cycle Superhighway routes.
    As part of the Central London Grid, a route is proposed to run between Brompton Cemetery and Exhibition Road, along Bramham Gardens, Earls Court Square and Kempsford Gardens. We are therefore proposing changes to the junctions to make it safer and easier for cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles to cross.

    What are we proposing?

    Junction 1 - Earls Court Road / Bramham Gardens / Earls Court Square
    The proposed changes include:
    - Removal of existing island on Bramham Gardens and extension of footway to reduce pedestrian crossing distance
    - Widening of the pedestrian crossings on Bramham Gardens and Earls Court Square
    - Removal of existing island on Earls Court Square and provision of new smaller island with dedicated cycle stop line

    Junction 2 - Warwick Road / Earls Court Square / Kempsford Gardens

    Warwick Road
    - New signalised junction to allow cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles to safely cross Warwick Road. The traffic signals will be co-ordinated with other signalised junctions in the area and the changes are not expected to have a significant impact on journeys times for road users through the area, although vehicles exiting Earls Court Square will have to wait for a green signal as opposed to waiting for a gap in traffic as at present
    - New signalised pedestrian crossing across Warwick Road on the southern arm of the junction. This new crossing will ensure that pedestrians can continue to cross Warwick Road safely and without significant delay
    - Existing signalised pedestrian crossing removed (replaced by crossing on the southern arm of the junction). The existing double red lines will be painted across the removed zig-zag markings at the crossing
    - Existing parking bay relocated 40m to the south-east on Warwick Road due to the new signalised junction. The existing restrictions would apply to the relocated parking bay.

    Earls Court Square
    - Vehicles permitted to travel straight over Warwick Road, westbound from Earls Court Square to Kempsford Gardens. This movement is currently banned
    - Dedicated signals installed to inform cyclists of when to safely proceed from Earls Court Square
    - Additional cycle stands provided to replace those removed from Kempsford Gardens
    - Footway re-aligned to maintain existing parking for motorcycles, car share and local residents

    Kempsford Gardens
    - Existing contra-flow cycle lane widened for cyclists travelling eastbound on Kempsford Gardens
    - Dedicated signals installed to inform cyclists of when to safely proceed from Kempsford Gardens
    - Existing speed hump to remain to help control speed of vehicles travelling westbound on Kempsford Gardens

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  • Thames Path Quietway - Pensinsula Ward Proposals

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Royal Borough of Greenwich are working with its partners Transport for London (TfL) and Sustrans to develop proposals for new ‘Quietway’ routes, to enhance facilities for people cycling or walking, whilst minimising impacts on other road users. This set of schemes would implement improvements along the cross-Peninsula section of the ‘Thames Path Quietway’ in Peninsula Ward. Further proposals for sections of this route in other Wards will be brought forward for consultation in due course.

    What is being proposed?
    For this set of proposals, we are consulting on the following schemes in the Peninsula ward:
    (a) Old Woolwich Road, junction with Lassell Street (scheme ref: QTP3b)
    A more people-friendly junction has been designed to benefit pedestrians and cyclists. This includes kerb build-outs to tighten the junction, particularly on the north side of Old
    Woolwich Road at its junction with Lassell Street, to improve the crossing point for
    pedestrians and slow vehicle speeds. One car parking space will be lost as a result.
    (b) Gibson Street, junction with Banning Street (scheme ref: QTP3c)
    New kerb build-outs are proposed at the junction of Gibson Street with Banning Street,
    which will move the ‘give way’ markings forward and so improve sight lines for cyclists
    turning right out of Gibson Street. In addition a ‘cycle hangar’ secure cycle parking facility is proposed for the wide footway space on the south-western side of this junction (corner of Enderby Street and Banning Street). No car parking spaces will be lost as a result of the proposals.
    (c) Southern Park (adjacent to Ecology Park; scheme ref: QTP8)
    An existing, well-lit, hard standing path borders the southern and eastern perimeter of the Southern Park (adjacent to the Ecology Park), linking West Parkside with the riverside path at Greenwich Yacht Club. No changes are proposed to this path itself; however it is proposed to clearly sign this section only as ‘shared use’ for cyclists and pedestrians. At the existing Toucan crossing at the junction with West Parkside/ Southern Way, extra space will be created by removal of a small section of wooden fencing, and relocation of a small tree.
    (d) Riverside, junction with Lombard Wall (scheme ref: QTP9a)
    Priority will be given to the Thames Path route, providing extra safety and security for
    pedestrians and cyclists. A raised table at the junction of Lombard Wall as it meets Riverside will slow any vehicular traffic. The western side footway will be improved for pedestrians. No car parking spaces will be lost from the proposals.
    (e) Riverside, junction with Anchor and Hope Lane (scheme ref: QTP9b)
    Priority will be given to the Thames Path route, providing extra safety and security for
    pedestrians and cyclists. The cycleway will be realigned to better connect with Riverside,
    and the junction will be resurfaced in green to provide increased awareness of cyclists. No car parking spaces will be lost from the proposals.

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  • Quietway 1 Proposal

    Created by timlennon // 2 threads

    Quietway 1 proposal (Teddington to Wandsworth Common)
    The attached image is the initial council drawing and is indicative.

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  • TfL Consultation on Finchley Road - Boundary Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL proposes some changes related to the QuietWay "Gladstone Park to Regents Park, see map

    Their proposals

    Finchley Road

    1. Ban the left turn for all northbound traffic (motor vehicles and cycles) from Finchley Road into Boundary Road. (Note "And Cycles"!)

    2. Extend the northbound bus lane on Finchley Road

    3. Changes to traffic islands to provide extra space and protection for cyclists travelling east-west along Boundary Road and crossing Finchley Road, as well as providing an improved waiting area for southbound cyclists turning right into Boundary Road from Finchley Road

    4. A new 5-metre part-width Advanced Stop Line (ASL) with early release (a few seconds) on Finchley Road for cyclists travelling southbound.

    5. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the southern arm of the Finchley Road junction

    6. Enlarge the footway on the south-west corner of the junction,

    Boundary Road

    7. A new 3.2 metre wide signal controlled pedestrian crossing on the western arm of Boundary Road

    8. Relocate and resize traffic islands to improve cyclists’ comfort

    9. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the eastern arm of Boundary Road

    10. Widen the central cycle feeder lane on the western arm of Boundary Road

    11. Replace speed cushions with a ‘sinusoidal’ speed hump across the full width of the carriageway on the west arm of Boundary Road

    12. New cyclist detection system on Boundary Road, meaning cyclists no longer have to use a push button to activate the traffic signals to cross or access Finchley Road

    See the consultation at:

    Reply by 27th September 2015.

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  • Quietway 2 - consultation on proposals for Guilford and Calthorpe Streets

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 2 threads

    At the S4C ride last May we heard Andrew Gilligan mention that QW 38 from Bloomsbury via Islington to Hackney would have priority. This route is now named QW 2!

    The image shows the route proposed by Sustrans and TfL

    You can also see the route of several QEWs on Google Maps at:

    QW2 is shown as a turquoise line labelled "Possible Bloomsbury to Walthamstow Quietway".

    Camden Council is now consulting on some minor measures they propose for improving the stretch in Camden along Calthorpe Street and Guilford Street. These can be seen at:

    To summarise specific (from west to east):

    - a new length of cycle lane into Bernard Street from Russell Square

    - raised zebra crossing over Guilford Street at Queen Anne’s Walk

    - raised table at the junction of Guilford Street and Grenville Street

    - a large raised table on Guilford Street across Guilford Place (that will also enhance the N-S route down Judd Street and Hunter Street on to Lambs Conduit Street and Red Lion Street)

    - between Phoenix Place and Farringdon Road, reallocate some carriageway space for cycle lanes

    general changes will include:

    - cycle symbols and signage

    - replace granite setts on raised areas with asphalt.

    Please provide your comments in the associated thread

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  • Jubilee Quietway in Westminster via Hanover Square

    Created by Colin Wing // 3 threads

    This is one version of the Jubilee Quietway in Westminster. It can only be implemented after CrossRail moves out of Hanover Square in 2018. It includes contraflow cycling in Holles Street and Harewood Place and the north end of Harley Street.

    The northbound route uses Wimpole Street, as shown on the map. The southbound route uses Harley Street, as shown on the map for the version via New Bond Street.

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  • Jubilee Quietway in Westminster via New Bond Street

    Created by Colin Wing // 2 threads

    This is one version of the proposed route for the Jubilee Quietway in Westminster. It includes a contraflow cycle track in New Bond Street and Vere Street. The southbound route is via Harley Street, as shown on the map. The northbound route is via Wimpole Street, as shown on the map for the version via Hanover Square.

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