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  • Queen's Crescent Motor Traffic Free Environment Trial

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    The proposals will trial a motor traffic-free environment that reduces traffic volumes and speeds, supports the existing market and local businesses, and allows more space for social distancing, walking, and cycling. The proposals also include measures at the junction of Queen’s Crescent and Grafton Road to prevent rat running traffic from using Grafton Road and Vicar’s Road and create a safer and quieter environment for residents in that area.

    Camden have announced a consultation trial closures of Queen's Crescent (the market area) and Grafton Road. The resulting reduction in motor traffic will improve cycling conditions massively on Grafton Road in particular and in adjacent streets to a lesser extent. This, in conjunction with this scheme including the closure of Anglers Lane (decision to go ahead) should result in a sizeable LTN in all but name.

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  • Lydford Road / Chatsworth Road Proposed Zebra Cross

    Created by Sylvia Gauthereau // 1 thread

    Concerns have been raised by local residents and Councillors regarding difficulties pedestrians have when crossing Lydford Road at its junction with Chatsworth Road. These difficulties include pedestrians needing to wait a long time to find a sufficient gap in the traffic to cross Lydford Road especially during the morning and evening peak periods and vehicles not slowing down on the approach to the informal crossing points on the raised speed table.

    The aim of the proposed scheme is therefore to improve pedestrian crossing facilities by introducing a new zebra crossing on Lydford Road just north of its junction with Chatsworth Road. The new zebra crossing is on the desire line for pedestrians crossing at the junction and will provide safer walking links to local amenities in the Willesden Green area.

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  • Link Annan Road and Lockerbie Road

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    This is a well used route already but very muddy as there is no surfaced footpath across the playing field. A dropped kerb at the end of Noble Grove and a surfaced path around the football pitches to a dropped kerb on Parkhead Loaning would be a significant improvement. A type 1 and dust path as detailed in the attached link would perhaps be more suitable than a fully tarmacked path. Lighting at the points of entry to the grassed area would be an added benefit as this is currently a very dark route.

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  • Link to Tarff and Heathhall forest

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    Currently the footpath finishes at Tesco. A shared use path to Tarff would be brilliant as there is no footway at all and the road becomes a 60mph limit. From here it's a stone's throw to an access point in to Heathhall forest. There is a bridge crossing the A75 which could be utilised as a pedestrian and cyclist crossing, with a shared footway from Lockerbie Road up to the access to the bridge along Brownrigg Loaning. A safe crossing point would have to be installed to cross Lockerbie Road to Heathhall forest on the E side of the roundabout. Reducing the speed limit on Brownrigg Loaning to 30mph would improve access for cyclists to this point, but a path is also needed for people on foot travelling from Noblehill, Calside and Georgetown.

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  • Join Mill Road to College St bike route

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 0 threads

    There is now a nice cycle path that takes you from the river away from Devorgilla bridge, but there is no easy way to go from there to the College Street cycle track or Terregles Street as both Market Square and Howgate Street are one-way going the other way. Adding an 'except cycles' sign and allowing contraflow cycling along Market Square (which is not a fast or busy road), combined with a crossing across Buccleuch St on the east side of the street would provide an alternative route through town when the Whitesands is closed (or the Loreburn Bridge). At the moment, to get across Buccleuch street you have to cross in three cycles of the light and there are railings preventing pedestrian and bike access to College Street. This would also benefit pedestrians.

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