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  • 'Arthur' crossing of Castle Street

    Created by Thomas Lancaster // 0 threads

    Not strictly a cycle issue as cyclists can turn left up Castle Street from Long Garden Walk (and vis versa) using the build-out on the west side of Castle Street. However for our fellow Scholars Greenway users the lack of a build-out on the east side of Castle Street leaves them stranded mid-crossing with their way blocked by parked cars. Especially problematic for pushchair and mobility scooter users and the nearby Farnham 3rd Scout Group who want to cross and get access to Farnham Park.

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  • Weyside Greenway - Guildford Rd to Kimbers Lane

    Created by Thomas Lancaster // 0 threads

    The NCN 22 final route (Weyside Greenway) through the Farnham town centre needs to connect from the Guildford Road to Kimbers Lane (and thence the riverside path). The Guildford Road at this location has no footway and parked cars on the north side. A alternative via Guildford Road Trading Estate only connects to Kimbers Lane via a 1m wide path.

    Path widening would require taking a 40m long by 1m wide strip of land from the leasehold of Rowan House at the NW end of the Trading Estate. Alternatives welcome as this is the only fundamental block for NCN 22 to run through the town centre, linking many of its amenities.

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  • Hadleigh Road to Yarmouth Road

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    The road here is a very busy 2 lane dual carriageway. A shared use facility was created a few years ago. Cycling groups were consulted quite late in the process. the obstacles, BT boxes etc and motor access to petrol station etc were pointed out as flaws in the design. Funding limits meant that a substandard facility was created.

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  • Spring Road domestic parking

    Created by Caroline Page // 1 thread

    Significant domestic car parking in the advisory cycle lane of westbound lane combines with heavy traffic jams to obstruct/block westbound passage to cyclists in rush hour. Generally there is a section of this route where pavement pushing is unavoidable

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