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  • Merging of cycle lane with The Ride

    Created by WilliamNB // 0 threads

    Where the quite good segregated cycle lane joins The Ride, DfT advice was certainly NOT followed. As per DfT advice, when cycle lanes are merged with the carriageway, it should be done via a length of dropped kerb that is flush with the carriageway and the cycle lane shouldn't be joined at a 90 degree angle to the road.

    Here, the cycle lane runs parallel to the road for a short distance before it loops around a large boulder specifically placed to force cyclists around and then finally joins the road at a 90 degree angle.

    The kerb, though dropped, is far from flush and creates a risk for cyclists joining the track from the road.

    This junction between the road and the track should be scrapped and redone according to DfT guidelines.

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  • Cycle path too narrow, road space needs reallocating

    Created by Fonant // 0 threads

    This stretch of NCN2 has not had the too-narrow footway widened to allow for safe shared use. Oddly the part just to the east, where the existing road was narrower, has been widened.

    We need some of the wasted five lanes of motor vehicles to be re-allocated to allow the footway to be widened to be wide enough for shared use. They could even make use of the now-redundant cycle lane on the road heading west.

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