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  • Coldham's Lane / Cromwell Road junction

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    This junction is currently very poor. Cyclists end up doing awkward manoeuvres and visibility is not good.

    It is possible this could be improved as part of the Chisholm Trail.

    How could this junction be redesigned to make it best practice?

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  • Road marking at junction create risk

    Created by User 2125 (deleted) // 0 threads

    Markings on road leave cyclists turning right into Centenary Way in a position which oncoming right turning traffic will also occupy. Needs more clarity.
    Busy and complex nature of junction means traffic often pulls out aggressively.

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  • Smoother return to main carriageway required

    Created by TMiles // 1 thread

    The raised cycle way currently rejoins the main carriageway in an awkward manner at the junction with Oatland Road. A safer and more fluid option would be to ease cyclists into the parallel road-level cycle lane at some point before this junction.

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  • Great Northern Road dangerous junction

    Created by Roxanne (CEO) // 1 thread

    The Great Northern Road and Tenison Road junction is on a key route for access to the station and had high traffic volumes. It has been poorly designed for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Within only month of the route opening ta pedestrian has been injured here.

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  • Aggressive drivers when trying to cross Mare Street to access Tudor Road

    Created by goodlegs // 1 thread

    More than once I have been waiting at Warburton Road as it meets Mare Street for a break in traffic so that I can cross to Tudor Road (which is filtered for motor traffic so a nice way to reach Victoria Park) when a car behind me has been very agressive. On one occasion I was "nudged" by the driver literally driving into my back wheel.

    I think the aggression stems from:
    a) drivers using this route precisely because they are in a hurry / rat running to avoid the traffic lights on Mare Street, so not being willing to be held up
    b) drivers not understanding "why doesn't he go?" when it would have been possible for me to turn left (as the driver wants to). I need enough clear space on both sides of the road to go straight across.

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  • St Andrew's St - Emmanuel St Junction

    Created by Rosalind Lund // 1 thread

    further to the piece in newsletter 128, I wonder if any thought has been given to the difficulty of turning right into Emmanuel Street if you are coming towards the town centre from St Andrew's Street? We go fairly often to the Arts Cinema and this is the obvious way for us to go home, but it is impossible to turn right on the correct side of the bollard at present as it is designed only for left turning cycles coming out of town. There is, however, nothing to suggest that such a right turn is illegal.

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  • Petition to signalise Golden Pot junction

    Created by jpennycook // 1 thread

    There is a petition to signalise Golden Pot junction, near Alton, on the B3349 (The Avenue/Froyle Road/Old Odiham Road junction)

    "Hampshire County Council: I would like to start a petition to have traffic lights put at the Golden Pot crossroads.

    Petition by Philippa Webster"

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  • Why shared space at junctions?

    Created by Mat Scull // 1 thread

    New cycle way punctuated by junctions. Where the bike track disappears, mingles with the pedestrians, crosses the road and eventually reappears. Amongst some poles for traffic signals etc. Really could do better.

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  • No priority at junctions

    Created by Mat Scull // 1 thread

    Lovely new cycle track which has to stop at all and every junction. Tower St and Marlborough St should both be passed by the cycle track without stopping.

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  • Poor junction layout, West Lynn

    Created by Rob Archer // 1 thread

    The junction where Wisbech Road joins Clenchwarton Road by East Coast Storage is unsafe. The cycleway continues directly across the junction but is not clearly marked. The red tarmac has been warn away and give way markings painted across the cycleway where it crosses the entrance to East Coast Storage. There are also give way markings across the exit to ECS making it very difficult to ascertain who has priority.

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  • Left turns from bidirectional North-South CSH

    Created by Bruce Lynn // 1 thread

    Problem with bidirectional paths is making left turns across the traffic. For North-South Cycle Superhighway TfL proposed a small waiting area with protective island (see illustration from Consultation document). They built one island and found cars going wrong way round it, so removed the island. So left turns waiting bays now have only white paint (see photos at Very intimidating when traffic is heading towards you from the opposite motor traffic lane!
    I understand TfL is "working on a solution". But does anyone have ideas we could feed to TfL. Does anyone know of an example where an "offside" left turn has been well engineered?

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  • Central London Cycling Grid Borough High Street/Newcomen Street junction

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    We are seeking your views on proposed changes to the junction of Borough High Street with Union Street and Newcomen Street. The proposals are part of the Central London Cycling Grid - a network of cycle routes in Zone 1.
    This junction forms part of the Blackfriars to Tower Bridge Road route. The London Borough of Southwark consulted on other parts of this route in October 2015 – further details can be found here:
    What are we proposing?
    Our proposals aim to improve safety for cyclists and accommodate the predicted increase in cyclists along this route. The design would provide a more direct route for eastbound cyclists by removing a long detour and allowing them to proceed along Newcomen Street. By altering the signal phasing of the junction, we would also enable cyclists on Borough High Street to turn onto the new route.
    Why are we proposing this?
    The Blackfriars to Tower Bridge Road Route will provide a safer and more pleasant journey through a section of the city that is already popular among commuters as well as recreational cyclists. Transport for London and Southwark Council have identified certain junctions and sections of the proposed route that could be modified to improve cycle accessibility as well as safety for all users of the road, including pedestrians.
    By closing a short section of Newcomen Street to motor vehicles and creating two-way access to the junction, we will remove a long detour from the cycle route. Changes to signal phasing at the junction, and modifications to existing street furniture, will create safer routes for cyclists without affecting pedestrian accessibility.
    At construction stage the junction would also be resurfaced. Proposals for this junction are:
    Union Street
    Existing contra-flow cycle lane retained for cyclists travelling westbound on Union Street. This would connect to Southwark Council’s proposals for Union Street.
    Existing advanced stop line extended to 5m with a cycle feeder lane. These extended facilities would provide cyclists with a larger waiting area in front of motor traffic, improving their visibility, and allowing them to safely move away at the traffic lights.
    Borough High Street
    Dedicated low-level cycle signals to inform cyclists of when to safely proceed across Borough High Street from Union Street and Newcomen Street.
    Pedestrian islands widened to improve pedestrian accessibility across Borough High Street.
    Cyclists permitted to turn left onto Union Street and Newcomen Street. This movement is currently banned and would remain banned for other vehicles. This allows cyclists on Borough High Street to join the route. The signal phasing would be altered to permit this movement. NOTE: All vehicles (including cyclists) would continue to be banned from turning right into Union Street or Newcomen Street.
    All-round pedestrian signal phase retained so that pedestrians can safely make all movements across the junction at the same time.
    Newcomen Street
    Section of Newcomen Street closed to motorised traffic. Bollards would be installed approximately 30m west of the junction to enforce road closure to motorised traffic except for emergency access. NOTE: Newcomen Street is a borough-owned road and this aspect of the scheme would be progressed by the London Borough of Southwark.
    Two-way cycling permitted on Newcomen Street allowing cyclists travelling eastbound to proceed directly from Union Street, and turn left from Borough High Street.
    Existing footways widened to improve pedestrian accessibility.
    We have carried out traffic modelling for this proposal. The results indicate that the proposed changes can be accommodated without undue delay to any road user.

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  • TfL consultation on junction Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 2 threads

    N-S Cycle Superhighway consultation

    TfL proposed that the N-S Cycle Superhighway should stop at Greville Street but LCC's response to the consultation stated that the route should continue on Farringdon Road to at least the junction with Calthorpe and Margery Street (under discussion here).

    After the consultation TfL replied that they would explore options north of Stonecutter Street(which is actually south of Greville Street!). The N-S Cycle Superhighway may be completed by Spring 2016 but we have no date for it being extended any further north.

    Link to our discussion on CycleScape


    Junction Kings Cross Road/Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

    See consultation on TfL's website at:

    which has a link to their junction plan

    Plan to build September 2015


    TfL's proposals include the following:

    On Farringdon Road - Grays Inn Road

    - right turn pocket for northbound cyclists turning into Margery Street

    -1.5 m advisory cycle lane on Kings Cross Road for cyclists travelling southbound with one instead of two motor lanes and on northbound carriageway north of the junction

    - footway build outs

    Calthorpe Street

    - longer ASL and low-level early release signals

    - footway build out

    Margery Street
    - widen contraflow
    - longer ASL box and low-level early release signals

    Immediate issues:

    - no space for cycling on Farringdon Road south of the junction

    - northbound approach on Farringdon Road left hook issue

    - no attempt to provide protection for cyclists crossing the junction; Farringdon Road is wide enough to put in the infrastructure needed for a separate signal stage for northbound cyclists or for "hold the left turn".

    - the early release signals are only as effective as a longer ASl box, not protecting cycles that arrive during the green stage.

    Dates: consultation 20 February 2015; reply due 6 April 2015.

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  • Rutland Road/Pitsmoor Road Junction Improvements - North Sheffield Better Buses

    Created by Matt Turner // 3 threads

    A junction redesign for the junctions of Rutland Road/Cooks Wood Road and Rutland Road/Pitsmoor Road.

    The design is very bad, with only ASLs for cycling and multi lane roads which require people to cycle in the outside lane for some movements.

    I've done an audit of the design here:

    The council meeting discussing it is here:

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  • No lights on the north side of the junction for approaching cycles

    Created by Alex Ingram // 1 thread

    When approaching this junction from the north the lack of a cycle specific stage or even mirror of oncoming green means you can only infer when to cross by treating a multi-lane junction as a give way. This makes Kelly Avenue less useful than it could be as a route from Chandler Way and Burgess park.

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  • Joining NCN1 to the West End

    Created by Chris Paton // 0 threads

    City of Edinburgh council have done good work trialling a segregated path for NCN1 on George Street. Although the trial is coming to an end it's clear from their documents and consultations that George Street will remain the primary east-west route for cyclists travelling through the city centre and more investment is planned.

    The problem is that there is very poor access to this route from the West End for any cyclists who have come along Shandwick Place or Rutland Square (including cyclists from the big offices nearby). Heading east, cyclists have to go through the busy West End road junction and then brave cars sweeping into South Charlotte Street as they turn left while simultaneously needing to find a way across two lanes of traffic to the middle of the road to turn right onto George Street -- scary stuff even for a competent cyclist.

    Space is always at a premium but there do seem to be options for improving this with minimal loss of road space. A two-way cycle path could be constructed across the paving to link Hope Street with Rutland Place. With careful design this could be done to minimise impact to the pedestrian space and with reconfigured light timings cyclists could emerge from Hope Street to turn left or right, and likewise cyclists from Shandwick Place and Princes Street could turn into the new path. In addition, a left turn strip at Lothian Road onto Rutland Place would provide access to this new path for cyclists from Rutland Square and Lothian Road.

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  • Traffic lights at junction do not change for bikes

    Created by edge // 1 thread

    When approaching this junction from the East on Widney Lane (and possibly other directions as well), the traffic lights do not detect the presence of waiting cycles.

    Since the default priority at this junction is for traffic on the Blossomfield Rd / Marshall Lake Road axis, this means that cycles heading from Widney Lane to Longmore Road have to wait indefinitely to cross the junction.

    In busy times this is not a problem, because a waiting car will trigger the traffic lights to change.

    However, at quiet times this effectively means cycles cannot cross this junction legally at all. I have experimentally waited more than 5 minutes for the lights to change. Unless a car comes to trigger the change, cyclists are stuck.

    This "bike-blindness" built into the road signalling infrastructure is unfortunately not uncommon. As well as being inconvenient for and disrespectful of cyclists, it reinforces the notion that bicycles are second-class road-users - indeed that they do not really belong on the road at all.

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  • Charfield Close Junction

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This road has been left with a hopelessly outmoded junction geometry, with huge radii and a simply breathtaking width. It's so bad that it's not unknown for oncoming vehicles to pass "continental style", because a perfectly reasonable path turning right into the close will take you way over to the right of anyone making a right turn out of the close (note there are no white lines to provide road positioning guidance). This would in fact make a great cycling link from Cob Lane into the park. There is ample room to create a cycle path and a crossing with a central refuge, and make the junction safer and less bizarre for motorists. Instead the city council has elected to take cyclists on an unlit shared path the same width as a bike, across an informal crossing upon which cyclists are instructed to dismount, and along a footpath.

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  • Segregate the feeder lane

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 2 threads

    The feeder lane between the bus stop and the ASL in Liberton Rd northbound should be segregated. Road and pavement are very wide here, so it would be easy to add a cycle lane segregated by a kerb to replace the curernt painted feeder lane.

    The painted feeder lane is extremely dangerous as the road bends left, so that buses, HGVs and other vehicles regularly encroach on it. Just today I saw another cyclist almost pushed onto the kerb when a bus started to move.

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