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  • Christchurch Park Bridleway route improvement

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    This route is the current North-South route through Christchurch Park, but fails to realise its full potential for cyclists as it is not properly lit and is perceived as dangerous to use at night as it is secluded.

    It also suffers from a poor surface and can be dangerously slippy due to fallen leaves, leaf mould etc.

    The route needs to be upgraded by cutting back foliage to improve sight lines and reduce the "seclusion", resurfacing and proper lighting along with regular sweeping and maintenance. CCTV coverage would also improve the perception of safety.

    The junctions at either end also need to be revised to ensure that cyclists can safely and easily access the route from Park Road and Foneraux Road.

    We would also suggest that a new link to the main Park entrance on Park Road could be created inside the existing perimeter of the park, but fenced off so that it could be available for 24 hour access whilst the park is closed.

    This would link with the Avenue which, when adopted and resurfaced, could provide a useful continuation, particularly if closed to through motor traffic.

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  • Consultation - Netley Primary School, Camden

    Created by Angela Hobsbaum // 1 thread

    Camden Council are consulting on proposals to improve road safety around the newly-rebuilt Netley Primary Schools, Stanhope Street NW1 3EX.

    Full details can be found here:

    Deadline Friday 12 December.
    I will collate comments and write a response from Camden Cyclists on Wed. 10th December.

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  • Irlams O'th Height Roundabout

    Created by Grahame Cooper // 1 thread

    Irlams O'th Height roundabout has been the location of a number of collisions involving cyclists (including myself and my daughter last September).

    There was a consultation last year over proposals produced by Sustrans for the improvement of this, and I showed my comments (annotations on proposed plans) at a previous GMCC meeting. You can find this annotated document here: (large PDF - need to download to see all pages).

    A leaflet on the intended imrovements can be found here:

    I am disappointed with this for the following reasons:

    - Extensive use of shared footways in the scheme (Salford Council seems to be in love with these, but they are bad).

    - Southbound approach on A666 looks impractical & dangerous: a sharp left turn onto the shared footway right at the busy entrance to the roundabout!

    - Whilst carriageway widths have been reduced, kerb radii at the mouth of entrances and exits do not seem to have been reduced, so "drivers looking right whilst accelerating left" will still pose a danger for cyclists who do not want to use the shared footways.

    - Limited improvements to the subways (tile removal, lighting and resurfacing) will probably not result in an attractive facility for cyclists. Access to this from Bolton Road (northbound) looks awkward.

    - There is no undertaking mentioned to ensure that facilities will be maintained and swept.

    - I'm still not confident regarding the social safety of the off-road parts, especially in the dark winter months.

    Those are my immediate reactions. Could be more to add.

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    Created by North Devon Cycling Forum // 0 threads

    Low Level lighting on cycle path Iron Bridge between Rock Park and Recycling Centre for improved social safety at night; this is an important barrier for those wanting to cycle between Tarka Tennis Centre/Leisure Centr/Station and Newport area at night. This route is pitch black in the dark!!!

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  • Route from Durham station to University (Mountjoy campus)

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    The main route from the railway station to Durham University's Mountjoy campus is not ideal at present for cyclists. DBUG offered a detailed critique of this route in the recent submission to the County Durham Plan process. See pages 25-29.

    It would be good to open some discussion on what the best means would be of improving these routes, from the radical (e.g. closing Margery Lane to through car traffic) to the obvious (20 mph speed limits on sections of the route). I'd be quite happy for this to more broadly cover pedestrian improvements too as that's all part of the active travel agenda.

    Can I suggest that people open separate discussion threads for different sections of the route, for example:

    1) railway station to Crossgate traffic lights
    2) Margery Lane to roundabout at bottom of Potters Bank
    3) roundabout to New Inn lights

    There may be some issues which affect the whole route. Are there alternative routes worth considering, such as North Road, South Street, Pimlico, or North Road, Silver Street, Saddler Street, the Bailey, Prebend's Bridge? The former is shorter but steeper, and the latter is quieter but longer.

    What do you think of the suggestions in the report? Are there other options we did not think of? What do you think is achievable?

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