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  • A10 Stamford Hill and Clapton Common junction consultation

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    TfL note that this junction has "one of the highest collision rates in all of Hackney" and so have "come up with some proposals that aim to make this junction safer for all road users".

    The substantive changes include Advanced Stop Lanes for people cycling, continuous footways across some side roads, realignments to traffic islands and the provision of more/longer parking.

    Please make share your thoughts Tuesday 23rd February so Natalie and I can collate them.

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  • Parking on uphill side of Potters Bank

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    The bottom stretch of Potters Bank is quite steep, and therefore cyclists tend to be going quite slowly up this section of road. In this situation it is nice to have plenty of space so that you can pedal at your own pace without feeling hassled by traffic trying to overtake. Unfortunately on this section of road, there are several car parking spaces on the up-hill side of the road. When they are occupied, passing them on a bike is a slow and uncomfortable business. It would be far better for cyclists if these spaces could be removed and an up-hill cycle lane provided.

    The parking spaces are not adjacent to any properties so there is no particular need for people to park there rather than in neighbouring streets: they are probably mainly used when the spaces in Quarryheads Lane are full.

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  • Impermeable junction

    Created by James Avery // 1 thread

    Cyclists prohibited in either direction continuing on Barras Lane. Classic case of high profile £2m bridge nearby (Hill St), but no follow on for nearby streets.

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