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  • Calton Gardens / Holloway

    Created by Mark A // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb at this point would improve the route that people can take to cycle between Bear Flat and the city centre - making it easier to use Calton Gardens to avoid the section of footpath on the alternative via Holloway and St Marks Church.

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  • New kerb on cycle route by Sydenham Station

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    On passing on Saturday I noticed that Lewisham have moved the block point of Verner Road to the junction, however this seems to have added and obstruction for cyclists. It could be that once the work is complete it will no longer be an issue as from the other side there is a dropped kerb.

    Note in the photo the signage of the cycle route on the lamppost on the left.

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  • Dropped kerbs needed on George Roche Road cycle path

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    Both ends of the new cycle path between George Roche Road and Stuppington Lane in Canterbury do not have properly dropped kerbs. This makes joining / leaving the cycle path dangerous. Properly dropped kerbs should be installed.

    Additionally the visibility to the SW at the junction with Stuppington Lane is poor due to a hedge immediately adjacent to the junction. The sightline needs to be improved here, since road users approaching from the SW will not be able to see cyclists and pedestrians about to emerge from the path. Likewise cyclists and pedestrians turning into the path will not be able to see anybody else on the path that's approaching the junction.

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  • Dropped kerb needed NCN 75

    Created by SRD // 1 thread

    This is an access point to NCN 75, and the Union canal towpath, and much used by commuters and families visiting the nearby playpark. It has a full height kerb, which makes it especially difficult for children, the less mobile, trailers, a bike with child-seat etc to navigate.

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