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  • London Assembly investigation: Walking & Cycling at Outer London Junctions

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    London Assembly says:

    Our investigation
    What different approaches could TfL and London boroughs take to improve junctions and increase walking and cycling in Outer London?

    Small pockets of improvement don’t change the fact that most London streets are dominated by traffic and noise. They are hostile places even to step out into for a pint of milk.

    On behalf of the London Assembly Transport Committee, Caroline Russell AM is investigating how our streets and junctions can become more people-friendly.

    Get involved
    There are a number of specific questions the Committee is seeking to answer. Please address any questions where you have relevant views and information to share, and feel free to cover any other issues you would like the Committee to consider.

    Are there lessons to be learned from previous junction improvements?

    How can we enable more people to walk and cycle?

    How can we make our streets and junctions less hostile to people getting around by bike and on foot?

    How do you get all road users on board?

    Please email by August 11 and share the investigation on Twitter using #OuterLondonJunctions

    Key Facts
    The Mayor and TfL are promoting walking and cycling as a form of active travel and a way to reduce health inequalities - however, currently, over 40 percent of Londoners fall short of the recommended 150 minutes of activity per week.

    TfL research has found that people who live in Outer London tend to walk less than those who live in Inner London. Public transport coverage is lower and car ownership is higher in Outer London, with cars making up a larger share of journeys. In particular, people who live in Outer London are less likely to walk children to school, walk to see friends or relatives, and walk to pubs, restaurants and cinemas.

    In 2015:
    53 percent of Inner Londoners walked at least five journeys a week, compared to 35 percent of Outer Londoners
    47 percent of Inner Londoners walked as part of longer journeys on other forms of transport at least five times a week, compared to 41 percent of Outer Londoners

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  • Wick Road Improvement Scheme

    Natalie G // 1 thread

    Hackney Council’s proposals for improving the Wick Road area
    between Kenworthy Road and Morning Lane, including:
    • reverting Wick Road to two-way traffic
    • adding better pedestrian crossings
    • creating separate cycle tracks in both directions
    • replacing trees
    • removing some car parking.

    For walking
    Better crossing points at the three signal junctions and ‘informal’ (i.e. not signal or zebra) raised crossings between Morning Lane and Barnabas Road, and Barnabas Road and Kenworthy Road. The majority of kerbside parking will be removed, making the environment more pleasant and safe.

    For cycling
    Cycle tracks will mean that people will be able to cycle off the road. The signalised cycling link north-south between Bradstock Road and Barnabas Road will be retained.
    For bus users Buses will be able to travel west to east, which will improve the bus links from Wick Road into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park area. New bus stops will be created.

    For local residents
    The two-way traffic will improve vehicle access to the local roads and estates and the A12 from the west. This will reduce ‘rat-running’ on many local roads, improving local air quality and lowering vehicle speeds.

    For the environment
    Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) will be created, the lighting upgraded to LED units and the footpaths and carriageways will be resurfaced. New trees will be planted to replace a number of diseased trees.

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  • Fixing none optimal lanes

    Phil Wigglesworth // 1 thread

    I cycle past this junction a lot, and sometimes the lights are red so I wait and look at the lanes and wonder why they're like this.

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  • Closure of Garret Hostel Lane

    Created by // 1 thread

    Garret Hostel Lane is closed since Sunday. There is no information posted about reason, duration of closure. Alternative route (Silver Street) is a poor alternative. What is going on? This is a crucial piece of car-free bicycle infrastructure that should not be removed from the network.

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  • Thames bridges counter-terrorism barriers

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Since the horrific attacks that took place on Westminster Bridge, and most recently London Bridge, the Metropolitan Police have installed temporary barriers on many central London bridges.

    LCC is fully supportive of the need to take urgent steps to provide extra protection for Londoners and visitors to our city. But we also believe it's right that we look at these measures, that have had to go in very rapidly, to see both what lessons need to be learned for future Highways schemes in the capital, and to see what, if any, tweaks can be undertaken to ensure these barriers can provide the extra security needed as well as allow people, especially London's large number of cycling commuters, to continue to cycle safely with minimal disruption - ideally even with enhanced safety and/or provision.

    Now we want your ideas of any tweaks, modifications or other measures that can be brought forward on the bridges affected so far, and given the measures in so far, to provide vital measures to protect against terrorist attacks, but also to enhance safety and provision for those walking and cycling, and to mitigate the negative effects of the measures so far.

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  • Bus stop in need of redesign

    Created by TMiles // 1 thread

    Inbound cyclists frequently have to wait for a considerable time behind buses at this well-used stop or pull out into the right-hand lane on what is a section of dual carriageway.

    A bus-stop bypass is likely to be impractical here, as its exit would be close to the junction with Cliff Road, unless it continued as a cycle track parallel with Woodhouse Lane for 500m until rejoining the main carriageway near the junction with Clarendon Road.

    An alternative solution, namely a bus lay-by (as on the other side of the road), may be possible but would have to take into account the mature trees in this location.

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  • New development Town Street Stanningley Leeds

    Created by David Dowden // 1 thread

    New Lidi retail development taking place next to cycle superhighway ,which will have improvements .

    At East side of development there is a footway connecting Grangefield road and Richardshaw road which is on Leeds cycle map as a cycle route. This is used as a quiet/quicker short cut from Pudsey saving using busy Richardshaw Lane.

    However there is no signage to use this route and also footpath /bridleway is in poor condition , rubbish , lighting issues , Could funding from this new development be used to improve this /cycleway/footpath.

    16/06865/COND | Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 6, 14 and 33 of Planning Application 15/05095/FU | Former Belgrave Works Town Street Stanningley Pudsey LS28 6HB

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  • Purbrook - A3 - Pinch Points & Parking/Cycling

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    The current A3 route through Purbrook is very dangerous both northbound and Southbound.
    From both directions, there are shared Bus/Cycle lanes, which approaching from the south stop at the roundabout, and from the north stop at the traffic lights before it.

    When traveling Northbound, the uphill section past the shops results in a slower moving cyclist, generally holding up Traffic, which causes lots of aggressive, close overtakes, which in a narrow road when "sharing" with HGV's and buses, is not a pleasant experience. Many cyclists therefore jump onto the pavement if feeling unsafe, or do not cycle this section.

    When travelling southbound, most of the time the traffic is slow due to queuing for the roundabout, but the narrow, on route cycle route squeezes cyclists between parked cars and slowly moving traffic, directly in the door zone.

    Given the remainder of the A3 Portsmouth/London Road corridor is of signficicant benefit to those that commute from Denmead/Waterlooville/Clanfield area towards Portsmouth, this is a real bug bear.

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  • Boston Road Protected Cycleway

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    With Hounslow having voted to build the Boston Manor Road section linking Boston Manor station with the Great West Road, Ealing Cycling Campaign are asking Ealing Council to continue the protection North of the borough boundary.

    Early talks with Ealing Borough Council suggest that a crossing will need to be made outside the station to account for a change from a single bidirectional track on the west side of the road to one-way tracks on either side.

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  • St Andrew's St - Emmanuel St Junction

    Created by Rosalind Lund // 1 thread

    further to the piece in newsletter 128, I wonder if any thought has been given to the difficulty of turning right into Emmanuel Street if you are coming towards the town centre from St Andrew's Street? We go fairly often to the Arts Cinema and this is the obvious way for us to go home, but it is impossible to turn right on the correct side of the bollard at present as it is designed only for left turning cycles coming out of town. There is, however, nothing to suggest that such a right turn is illegal.

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  • VeloCity 2021 "Cycling and Health"

    Created by // 1 thread

    Velocity is an annual cycling conference with approx 1000 attendees from 50 countries. The deadline for the competition to host VeloCity 2019 has passed in August 2016. Now would be a good time to think about 2021 (!) (Odd numbered years in Europe, even numbered years out of Europe)

    It was previously hosted in Bremen, London, Groningen, Copenhagen, Milano, Montréal, Nottingham, Basel, Perth, Barcelona, Graz & Maribor, Amsterdam, Edinburgh & Glasgow, Paris, Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Seville, Vancouver, Vienna, Adelaide, Nantes, Taipei, Arnhem & Nijmegen, Rio de Janeiro

    Hosting it in Cambridge would have to be done by or through a University (which?). It would have the benefit of bringing together and amplify the academic research already underway in the health area. CEDAR, Centre for Diet and Activity Research would be a major asset. I think there would be a good chance that the Addenbrooks biotechnology firms may see an opportunity to create academic-local community credentials: One of these firms is even called Bicycle Therapeutics with Trinity Master Gregory Winter at the helm.

    I met vice chancellor Borysiewicz once and I had the impression that hosting such a event which creates the connection between science and community benefit would suit him very well: He said that cycling is very much on his radar.

    Another potential funding source could be the US based Robert Wood Johnson foundation. They give grants in the area of healthy communities with an academic profile, they "very infrequently support foreign organizations or organizations that are not tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code" but one could try.

    This is a major project which will need a professional conference organizer. The ECF want EURO 300.000 fees in advance, clearly far beyond the campaign to undertake. But I think it would be for the campaign to get the ball rolling.

    If the committee thinks this is a priority I could write some emails to test the waters

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  • Strood High Street Regeneration

    Anon // 1 thread

    Outline proposals for changes to Strood High Street. £9m scheme to take through traffic away from town centre.

    20mph limit on High Street, various actions to prioritise pedestrian movements, re-allocation of carriageway space (lane narrowing).

    Having had a brief chat to the engineers designing the scheme the 20mph limit and reduced lane widths should assist cyclists "taking the lane" in the High Street.

    Commercial Road will have a cycletrack to the south of the carriageway with a crossing of Knight Road. Details are disappointingly vague at this stage.

    Various ASLs and other minor works.

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  • Right turn into Scotland Road

    Created by Trothben // 1 thread

    I use Scotland road as a lower NOx route. and its easier to join than going on the ring road side of Heathfield primary.

    Problem arises from vehicles waiting for the Nottingham Rd & ring road junction at the futurist blocking visibility of the junction. Makes it harder to turn and increases the threat.

    Suggested solution: Keep clear markings across the junction.

    If agreeable will email KM about it.

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  • 16/0641/FUL 14 houses/apartments at 68 - 80 Perne Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 3RR

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    16/0641/FUL | Residential development comprising 8 x 3 bedroom houses, 5 x 1 bedroom apartments and 1 x 2 bedroom apartment, formation of access including demolition of no. 74 Perne Road, landscaping, open space, drainage and supporting infrastructure. | 68 - 80 Perne Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 3RR

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  • Bridge over A142 unusable by larger cycles

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    I have been in contact with County Council about the bridge over the A142 at Soham.

    There are 4 sets of metal barriers on the cycle/foot bridge. They are too close together. Larger cycles, i.e. cargo bikes, bikes with child trailers, tag alongs and recumbents cannot
    use the bridge. Bridges in Cambridge do not have these barriers.

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  • Lack of westbound cycle lane before M11 on Madingley Road

    Created by Ben Brierton // 1 thread

    The new road layout on the westbound approach to M11 turning on Madingley Road has poor provision for cyclists.

    Cyclists going westbound now have to take the second lane for a few hundred metres with traffic passing at speed on both sides. Traffic passing in the left lane will be taking the slip road onto the M11 and traffic in the second lane will be going straight on.

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  • Central London Cycling Grid Borough High Street/Newcomen Street junction

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    We are seeking your views on proposed changes to the junction of Borough High Street with Union Street and Newcomen Street. The proposals are part of the Central London Cycling Grid - a network of cycle routes in Zone 1.
    This junction forms part of the Blackfriars to Tower Bridge Road route. The London Borough of Southwark consulted on other parts of this route in October 2015 – further details can be found here:
    What are we proposing?
    Our proposals aim to improve safety for cyclists and accommodate the predicted increase in cyclists along this route. The design would provide a more direct route for eastbound cyclists by removing a long detour and allowing them to proceed along Newcomen Street. By altering the signal phasing of the junction, we would also enable cyclists on Borough High Street to turn onto the new route.
    Why are we proposing this?
    The Blackfriars to Tower Bridge Road Route will provide a safer and more pleasant journey through a section of the city that is already popular among commuters as well as recreational cyclists. Transport for London and Southwark Council have identified certain junctions and sections of the proposed route that could be modified to improve cycle accessibility as well as safety for all users of the road, including pedestrians.
    By closing a short section of Newcomen Street to motor vehicles and creating two-way access to the junction, we will remove a long detour from the cycle route. Changes to signal phasing at the junction, and modifications to existing street furniture, will create safer routes for cyclists without affecting pedestrian accessibility.
    At construction stage the junction would also be resurfaced. Proposals for this junction are:
    Union Street
    Existing contra-flow cycle lane retained for cyclists travelling westbound on Union Street. This would connect to Southwark Council’s proposals for Union Street.
    Existing advanced stop line extended to 5m with a cycle feeder lane. These extended facilities would provide cyclists with a larger waiting area in front of motor traffic, improving their visibility, and allowing them to safely move away at the traffic lights.
    Borough High Street
    Dedicated low-level cycle signals to inform cyclists of when to safely proceed across Borough High Street from Union Street and Newcomen Street.
    Pedestrian islands widened to improve pedestrian accessibility across Borough High Street.
    Cyclists permitted to turn left onto Union Street and Newcomen Street. This movement is currently banned and would remain banned for other vehicles. This allows cyclists on Borough High Street to join the route. The signal phasing would be altered to permit this movement. NOTE: All vehicles (including cyclists) would continue to be banned from turning right into Union Street or Newcomen Street.
    All-round pedestrian signal phase retained so that pedestrians can safely make all movements across the junction at the same time.
    Newcomen Street
    Section of Newcomen Street closed to motorised traffic. Bollards would be installed approximately 30m west of the junction to enforce road closure to motorised traffic except for emergency access. NOTE: Newcomen Street is a borough-owned road and this aspect of the scheme would be progressed by the London Borough of Southwark.
    Two-way cycling permitted on Newcomen Street allowing cyclists travelling eastbound to proceed directly from Union Street, and turn left from Borough High Street.
    Existing footways widened to improve pedestrian accessibility.
    We have carried out traffic modelling for this proposal. The results indicate that the proposed changes can be accommodated without undue delay to any road user.

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