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  • Cobbles on NCN 11

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    There are three strips of cobbles across NCN11 here, or maybe they're setts. It seems bad to have these on a cycle route because they are unpleasant for cycling and especially bad to put them so near a junction because rider attention should be on the junction and other road users, rather than man-made problems with the road surface.

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  • Narrow Approach To Clifton Suspension Bridge With Unsuitable Cycle Lane

    Created by Sam Saunders // 2 threads

    On the eastern approach to Clifton Suspension Bridge the narrow road curves past a pedestrian refuge next to a toilet block. The short cycle lane that had started as approximately 1.2 metres wide narrows to approximately 0.9 metres at the refuge. More than half of the cycle lane at that point is paved with uneven cobbles unsuitable for cycling, especially on a bend. The traffic lane (approx 3.2 metres) is too narrow for a car and a bicycle to pass together. The cycle lane, in effect, is encouraging inexperienced cyclists to adopt a vulnerable road position and to cycle on an unsuitable surface.

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