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  • North-South Cycle Superhighway (extension to Kings Cross)

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 3 threads

    The North-South Cycle Superhighway is already under construction between Stonecutter Street and Elephant & Castle.

    TfL, together with Camden and Islington Councils, is now consulting on proposals to extend it north up to King’s Cross.

    The proposal is that it should continue north on Farringdon Road to Greville Street where northbound cyclists would turn onto a quiet back-street route to King’s Cross.

    Southbound cyclists from King’s Cross would turn off the back-street route onto Farringdon Road at Ray Street via a new signalised junction and continue south on a stepped cycle track.
    Detailed proposals

    Section 1 - Farringdon Street (between Stonecutter Street and Holborn Viaduct)

    Section 2 - Farringdon Street (between Holborn Viaduct and Charterhouse Street)

    Section 3 - Farringdon Road and Saffron Hill (between Charterhouse Street and St. Cross Street)

    Section 4 - Farringdon Road and Saffron Hill (between St. Cross Street and Ray Street)

    Section 5 - Farringdon Road, Ray Street, Herbal Hill and Warner Street

    Section 6 - Warner Street and Phoenix Place

    Section 7 - Pakenham Street, Calthorpe Street and Cubitt Street

    Section 8 - Ampton Street, Sidmouth Street and Tavistock Place

    Section 9 - Tavistock Place and Judd Street

    See also this related scheme for the treatment of the Euston Road junction and continuation northwards:

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  • Western Orbital - M11 bus link - City Deal

    Created by Roxanne (CEO) // 3 threads

    Another City Deal consultation we should be aware of. Closes 21st March.

    Western Orbital

    We welcome your views on initial ideas to create a ‘Western Orbital’, a new, fast and reliable link for buses between the west and south of Cambridge either along or near the M11. Other improvements aimed at encouraging people to travel by bus or cycle for all or parts of their journeys are also suggested.

    Currently taking the bus from Madingley Road to Addenbrooke’s Hospital requires travelling through the city centre, which can often be congested, making journeys slow and unreliable. According to Stagecoach’s timetables, journeys on the Uni 4 service take 32 minutes to complete this 5 mile route.

    Journeys on a ‘Western Orbital’ link between M11 Junction 13/Madingley Road and Addenbrooke’s Hospital would take around:

    18 to 19 minutes on a route along the M11
    15 to 16 minutes on a route very near to the M11 to either the east or west

    A ‘Western Orbital’ link between Junction 11 (Trumpington) and Junction 13 (Madingley Road) would:

    Connect to and from major housing and employment sites: Trumpington Meadows; Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Biomedical Campus; the West Cambridge site; the North West Cambridge site as well as an onward link to Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge Business Park and the future Cambridge North Rail Station
    Connect to the existing Busway in the south at Trumpington and in the north at Orchard Park via new developments in North West Cambridge

    Creating ‘orbital’ bus and cycle links would encourage sustainable travel and offer an alternative to travelling through the city centre. Dedicated off-road cycling routes encourage travel by bike and offer a safer alternative to busy roads.

    We need your feedback in order to help improve these initial ideas and shape the scheme. These proposals will only go ahead with landowner agreements and public support and are subject to the decision of elected politicians on the City Deal Executive Board.

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  • Welwyn Garden City north south route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 2 threads

    Following discussion at a recent WelHatCycling meeting a possible route accross WGC north-south.

    Biggest issue is crossing The Campus gyratory, so a route round the edge makes most sense. I've included links over the White Bridge and to the Gresley Way cycle path

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  • City centre - road designations

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 1 thread

    The (draft / emerging) 1Core Strategy seems to hint at a bus loop (Policy UC7) and a motor vehicle "ring road" (Policy UC9) too. It mentions pedestrian routes but there's no mention of cycle routes. See attached photo. (I didn't mark up the map, as it might become a tad too messy)

    The "ring road" is just like Scott / esde84 described before (in comments)

    The photo in the attachment is from "Newcastle Proposals Map" listed here (not sure how long thi link will stay live, link rot may happen)

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