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  • Segregated/shared lane needed for cyclists on road out of Dunnington Village

    Anon // 1 thread

    This road to Dunnington Village, from the railway bridge to the traffic lights, approx 0.5 mile, is on the NCN 66, but has 60 mph limit and no path for walkers or cyclists!!! Cycling the route is quickest, but would-be cyclists don't cycle because they feel unsafe on this route where buses, lorries and cars thunder past at 60 mph. it's en route to two high schools, and consequently several children cycle on this route.Quite simply, this road needs a segregated cycleway, for which there is plenty of space.

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  • Perse school head harassing children who cycle

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    The Perse school headmaster is attacking families who don't subscribe to the cult of hiviz and helmets. There's national implications. I think Camcycle is going to have to respond, in correspondence with affected parents. Do we have any as members?

    Quote from

    “Everyone who cycles to school must wear high-visibility clothing, correctly fitted cycle helmets, they must have working front and rear lights, brakes and pedal reflectors,” Elliott told the Times.

    From the Times:

    A leading school is getting tough on pupils who cycle dangerously — and urging others to follow its lead

    Ed Elliott, headmaster at the £17,000-a-year Perse School in Cambridge, has drawn up strict rules specifying what pupils must wear while cycling, as well as the condition in which they need to keep their bikes to ensure they are roadworthy.

    Breaking the regulations means a stiff letter home to parents and — for a repeat offence — a one-hour detention.

    Teachers report pupils’ reckless cycling, and Elliott and his staff carry out spot checks on the bikes and clothing.

    Cycling UK has already put out a statement:

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  • Roehampton Gate Cafe

    Created by timlennon // 0 threads

    Comment from RCC correspondence: The only question to ask is: What would the Dutch do? There is far too much unrestricted tarmac area for vehicles, and the Mini-roundabout does not slow down cars sufficiently. Restricting the space for cars so as to slow them down, and increasing the protected space for cyclists and pedestrians is a must. But, why stop at Richmond Hill? The Roehampton Gate is also dangerous. Maybe make the park access-only for motor vehicles, so you can only get to the nearest car park. That could easily be achieved by placing no entry and right/left turn only signs ( except cycles) around the park, so that you would simply have to pick the appropriate entrance to visit a specific area of the park, or even better, just park and walk. That would make it safer by reducing a lot of the through traffic that makes it dangerous. I'd also like it to be closed to motor vehicles on Saturday mornings between 8 and 12 noon, but you can't have everything. One final thought. The car park at the Roehampton Cafe is dangerous on a Saturday morning. So many cyclists and cars pushing through. The space in front of the cafe is especially dangerous with lots of excited kids on hire bikes . That space was recently blocked off to cars whilst the cafe was refurbished, but alas it's now been re-opened. Should have kept it shut for safety. Plus, it could be used for bike parking to ease the pressure on space outside the cafe. Unfortunately, the Royal Parks don't seem to have a clue.

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