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  • Hatfield Missing Link

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hatfield has the makings of a good cycle path network. However, the cycle path from the station to the town centre ends at the west end of French Horn Lane and fails to then connect to the University to the south or the Business Park (EE HQ, etc) to the west.

    WelHatCycling are lobbying (most recently our MP Grant Shapps) to get this missing link filled. The route is shown on the map and is entirely unobstructed. The key work is a toucan crossing of Queensway, needed not only for the cycle route, but also to open up the north east end of the town centre to passing trade from people cycling and walking via the town centre.

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  • City centre - road designations

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 1 thread

    The (draft / emerging) 1Core Strategy seems to hint at a bus loop (Policy UC7) and a motor vehicle "ring road" (Policy UC9) too. It mentions pedestrian routes but there's no mention of cycle routes. See attached photo. (I didn't mark up the map, as it might become a tad too messy)

    The "ring road" is just like Scott / esde84 described before (in comments)

    The photo in the attachment is from "Newcastle Proposals Map" listed here (not sure how long thi link will stay live, link rot may happen)

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