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  • Manor Castle Space for Cycling request

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    Create protected space for cycling along Prince of Wales road: a wide, arterial route which links the residential areas of Manor and Woodthorpe and runs past Sheffield Park Academy school. A safe and pleasant cycle route would also allow people to access the large employers and leisure sites in the Lower Don Valley.

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  • No easy access to Castle street from Taw Vale

    Created by litwardle // 0 threads

    The most frustrating part of the journey is when I get to the square. To get to Castle Street you either have to cycle under the bridge. This underpass is far to narrow and has blind entry..It makes a heart racing cycle when someone comes in the opposite direction narrowly avoiding collision! The surface is also very slippery in the wet. The only way to avoid this is by continuing to the T junction at the square and turning left... Ooops No left turn!! Of course, even if you could there is no way to get to castle street without going over the bridge and doubling back! Any improvement here would make a huge difference!

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