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  • A41 Finchley Road - Swiss Cottage to Childs Hill

    Created by JonC // 0 threads

    TfL propose bus and walking improvements along Finchley Road between Hillgrove Road (Swiss Cottage) and Hendon Way (Childs Hill),

    No direct references to improving cycling along this route. Mostly in Camden. 

    Only the Hendon Way junction is in Barnet. See Barnet Cyclists issue A41-A598 Burgess Hill for discussion of that junction.

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  • Headingley Hill Bus Lane

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    Changes are proposed on a 1km section of the A660 due to delays to buses caused by congestion. An outbound bus lane is proposed between Victoria Road to just past Bainbridge Road. Cycleway is retained on inbound section, but outbound section would be shared with buses. 20 buses per hour would use the bus lane at peak times. Difficult one for the campaign this? Is a 24hr 3.5m bus lane preferable to a 1m advisory cycle lane? Majority of bus lane is downhill.

    Particular discussion points were ensuring that the cycle lane continues over side roads, even though the bus lane stops, and querying a two stage pedestrian crossing (should be one stage). Plans still at early stage so will likely return to the forum.

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  • Poor junction/bus lane design.

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    It has been reported to me by several cyclists that the north east bound approach to Pownall Rd / Fore Hamlet junction is dangerous and in at least one case has involved cyclist injuries. From personal experience i can say it is a dangerous junction. Motorist frustration occurs because of long tailbacks and the temptation is to use the bus lane

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  • Brixton Hill (Dumbarton Road/Upper Tulse Hill)

    Created by Simon Still // 1 thread

    proposed road safety changes on Brixton Hill at the junctions with Dumbarton Road and Upper Tulse Hill.

    A safety study of a section of the A23 (Brixton Hill) has identified issues with turning vehicles, pedal cycles, powered two wheelers and buses between Dumbarton Road and Upper Tulse Hill.

    Our proposals to address this are:

    · Introducing extended ‘KEEP CLEAR’ markings to improve visibility when the far side lane is busy or queuing
    · Allowing left turning vehicles into the bus lanes on the approaches to the junctions to give left turning vehicles more time to move over prior to turning into the side road
    Adding cycle logos over the side roads to help raise awareness to drivers that cyclists will be travelling in the bus lane
    Removing kerb build-outs at the junctions. The current arrangement causes a pinch point leading to vehicles to overhang back into the A23, which reduces visibility and increases the risk of collisions. Removing the build outs will also ease congestion and reduce the likelihood of turning vehicles mounting the footway
    Raising the road surface at the entry to Dumbarton Road and Upper Tulse Hill to benefit pedestrians by providing a continuous level surface. Tactile paving would indicate the side road to visually impaired pedestrians

    Please see the attached map which shows all of the above proposed changes. We plan to introduce the changes in early 2018.

    You can write to us with any comments or questions about our plans by:
    • Emailing us at

    Please let us know your views by Friday 13 October 2017.

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  • St Leonards Streatham Consulation

    Created by Simon Still // 2 threads

    For pedestrians

    Relocate the crossing at the junction. At the moment pedestrians on the eastern side of Streatham High Road cannot see oncoming traffic around the bend and vehicles cannot see people crossing. By relocating the crossing that is currently north of the junction on Streatham High Road to where demand is higher and making it a straight-across signal-controlled crossing we can make it safer for all road users. This relocated crossing would replace the existing unsignalised crossing on the southern arm of the junction where there is significantly lower demand
    Create a raised imprint block-paved effect crossing on Gleneldon Road indicating to drivers that pedestrians are likely to be crossing making it easier and safer for people approaching the relocated crossing.

    For cyclists

    Cycling would be permitted in the proposed bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens (see below).

    For bus passengers

    Introduce a bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens approaching the junction by removing some parking. 15 high-frequency bus routes pass through the junction. Delays resulting from the new crossing would be mitigated by a new 170 metre bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens approaching the junction. There are often gaps in the parking so the proposal minimises the overall loss of parking spaces and makes more efficient use of the space (see the drawing for the location)
    Ban the right-turn into and out of Shrubbery Road on Streatham High Road. Northbound buses are currently delayed by vehicles turning right into Shrubbery Road, approximately 150 metres north of the junction, because of a short right-turn pocket in the road. We therefore propose to ban the right-turn from Streatham High Road into Shrubbery Road for all traffic. There would also be a longer right-turn pocket to allow vehicles to queue without blocking traffic when turning into Sunnyhill Road. Vehicles turning right out of Shrubbery Road can also delay southbound traffic including buses so it is proposed that is banned too. Before we make the banned turns permanent we would monitor congestion and bus delays to confirm if it is necessary to mitigate the impact of the relocated crossing and making it controlled and will publish our findings
    We would need to extend the right-turn ban from Mitcham Lane into Streatham High Road southbound to include buses. This wont have an impact on bus passengers as this turn is only used by buses 'not in service'. By fully banning the turn we reduce the traffic impact of the relocated crossing and making it controlled.

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  • Cowplain Traffic Lights - Southbound - Bus Lane & Advisory Cycle Lane

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    The Advisory Cycle Lane and Bus lane layout travelling Southbound on the A3 London Road through Cowplain is a very poor layout leading to a significant pinch point through the lights.

    The advisory lane is tiny, and far too often has a car sitting in it, as per the image above, yet the road layout leading to it implies that this is "safe" - it is far, far from it.

    I've seen a number of cyclists miss the "move into the main carriageway" signing, and end up at the end of the bus lane, waiting for their lights to go green - and because they never do, they jump them, only to then be left hooked.

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