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  • Hollow way cyclane is unsafe for cyclists

    Created by Hazel Dawe // 1 thread

    Wherever there is a traffic island for pedestrians the cycle lane on Holloway narrows to a point where it is dangerous. The less than two foot wide remaining strip of tarmac is strongly canted.and crumbling at the edge. This is so inadequate that less confident cyclists can often be seen cycling along the quite wide pavement.

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  • No real cycle lane on Stockton Lane

    Anon // 1 thread

    Stockton Lane's advisory cycle lane is useless as cars park on it. Traffic is hostile and aggressive, leading to very uncomfortable and unattractive conditions for cyclists. Can't double yellow lines be put in here at the very least?

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  • High number of accidents involving cyclists

    Anon // 1 thread

    As the mapping of DfT's traffic accidents by CycleStreets show, there is an alarmingly high number of accidents where cyclists have been injured at this roundabout, sometimes seriously:

    Considering that this is part of the Orbital route, and hence a recommended route for York's cyclists, this needs further attention.

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  • Disappearance of Cycle Route - Sunnymead Drive, Waterlooville

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    Sunnymead Road, Waterlooville is currently a "Cycle Advisory" route" from Milton Road to Charlesworth Drive, marked out with 0.75m (substandard) on road advisory cycle routes.

    Approx 10 meters after the junction (north/west bound) after Charlesworth Drive, the route disappears, and there are no signs to show that the route goes via Charlesworth Drive.

    Given that many cyclists traversing this road are from Denmead, and have used the Hambledon Road shared path from Denmead, typically to/From Cowplain School, to divert them off Silverster Road having crossed it, then back on again, makes no sense.

    Route needs a review with the Council to provide a clearer, safer route from Denmead area to Cowplain School.

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  • Cowplain Traffic Lights - Southbound - Bus Lane & Advisory Cycle Lane

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    The Advisory Cycle Lane and Bus lane layout travelling Southbound on the A3 London Road through Cowplain is a very poor layout leading to a significant pinch point through the lights.

    The advisory lane is tiny, and far too often has a car sitting in it, as per the image above, yet the road layout leading to it implies that this is "safe" - it is far, far from it.

    I've seen a number of cyclists miss the "move into the main carriageway" signing, and end up at the end of the bus lane, waiting for their lights to go green - and because they never do, they jump them, only to then be left hooked.

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