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  • Improving the A120: Braintree to A12

    Created by Steven Moseley // 0 threads

    This single carriageway section of the A120 is regularly very busy and there have long been calls for it to be improved, as the section between the M11 and Braintree was in the early 2000s.

    ECC has worked up and consulted on its favoured route to "create a modern dual carriageway link connecting Braintree and the A12" to recommend to Highways England.

    Given that the proposed route bypasses the current A120, there should be scope for improving provision for cyclists and pedestrians both along the new road and along the newly de-prioritised `old'-A120, especially around Marks Tey and its station.

    Construction is currently slated for 2023-6.

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  • A120 Proposed Roundabout to improve safety - but will it help cyclists?

    Created by Gary // 0 threads

    To improve safety after numerous fatal car accidents the Highways Agency are currently implementing speed restrictions but are also designing a new roundabout for the A120 near Pellens Corner/Horsley Cross. NCN51 passes nearby. Cyclists don't generally want to cycle the A120 but we do have to cross it to get across Tendring District. Roundabouts are particular hard for cyclists to use on A roads. So will the Highways Agency proposal include the needs of cyclists?

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