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  • Chalk Lane Cockfosters - cyclist contraflow needed

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    An 80 metre length of Chalk Lane is one-way northbound, preventing use by southbound cyclists wanting to avoid the busy A111 between Hadley Woods bridleway and Cockfosters Station, where there is a safe Pelican crossing onto the cycle track linking to Oakwood and beyond.

    An 80 metre long contraflow for cyclists would fix the missing link and provide a safe and mostly off road cycle route all the way from Enfield to High Barnet.

    London Cycle Design Standards state: "Unless there are over-riding reasons not to, there should be a presumption that contraflow cycling should be provided for in any one-way street." (4.3.9 Two-way cycling in one-way streets).

    Chalk Lane used to be two-way until a new housing estate was built in Verwood Drive, when it was made one-way to stop too many cars emerging onto the A111 next to the tube and bus station. However, there is no reason to stop cyclists.

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  • Consultation: Proposed changes to the Torrington Place / Tavistock Place corrido

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden is consulting on: The direction of motor traffic flow i.e. – should it remain as it is now (eastbound between Gower Street and Judd Street and westbound between Gower Street and Tottenham Court Road) – or change to westbound through the entire stretch between Judd Street and Tottenham Court Road They also ask support for further improvements (including stepped tracks and widened footways) subject to funding being available.

    [Deadline extended by Camden Council to 6 January 2019.]

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  • Collingwood Road & Anton Crescent Area Improvements

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread



    Quite a few improvements to junctions, change to the flow of one way, improvements and extension of 20mph zone and removal of speed cushions

    Details of Proposed Improvements
    The proposed improvements include the following main features, as detailed on the attached Plan Overview:

    A. Width restrictions with priority give-ways to replace existing refuge islands, and speed cushions. (refer to details 3,4,11 &12)

    There have been several complaints regarding noise and vibration associated with vehicles (especially buses and large vehicles) driving at speed over the cushions. Parents have expressed a sense of vulnerability while crossing at the refuge islands. The existing carriageway width do not allow widening of the refuge islands, which would be the ideal solution, and therefore width restrictions are proposed. This will provide more footway space for pedestrians and a shorter distance to cross. In addition, the safety risks of vehicles driving on the wrong side of the refuge island observed on site can be avoided.There have been several complaints regarding noise and vibration associated with vehicles (especially buses and large vehicles) driving at speed over the cushions. Parents have expressed a sense of vulnerability while crossing at the refuge islands. The existing carriageway width do not allow widening of the refuge islands, which would be the ideal solution, and therefore width restrictions are proposed. This will provide more footway space for pedestrians and a shorter distance to cross. In addition, the safety risks of vehicles driving on the wrong side of the refuge island observed on site can be avoided.

    B. Reversal of one-way on Anton Crescent. (refer to details, 4, 7, 8, & 9)

    The current direction of one-way on Anton Crescent results in regular congestion outside the school during drop-off and pick up times which at times impacts the flow of traffic on Collingwood Road. Reversing the direction will provide more queuing space for school traffic on Anton Crescent thus minimise impact on Collingwood Road.

    C. Raised junction entry treatment. (refer to details, 4, 5 & 10)

    The raised entry treatments will provide a level surface for pedestrians when crossing side roads and will help to slow down the in and out movement of traffic.

    D. Improvement to walking routes leading to school. (refer to details, 3, 7, 8 & 9)

    The area adjacent to the school entrance will be raised. It is proposed to surface the existing grass verge on Anton Crescent adjacent to No. 298 Collingwood Road and widen the footway from the entrance to the Wetlands access leading up to the school entrance to improve walking routes.

    E. Signage and road markings.

    School warning signs, elderly crossing, weight restriction, bridge height and speed limit signs will be reviewed and adjusted or new ones provided where necessary. 20mph roundels will be refreshed and more added to emphasize the speed limit in the area.

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  • Central Road Worcester Park

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread


    "proposals to improve the flow of traffic and improve the environment for residents, traders, pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport. The aim of the scheme is to encourage more people to walk, cycle or use public transport and reduce the number of local car trips. Funding for this scheme is available from Transport for London."

    How is this going to achieve this by creating a few parking bays and a new sign for a car park?

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  • Poor junction/bus lane design.

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    It has been reported to me by several cyclists that the north east bound approach to Pownall Rd / Fore Hamlet junction is dangerous and in at least one case has involved cyclist injuries. From personal experience i can say it is a dangerous junction. Motorist frustration occurs because of long tailbacks and the temptation is to use the bus lane

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  • Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood Projects

    "As part of the Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN), Westminster City Council is proposing to introduce a number of new measures around Marylebone High Street and Paddington Street. These interventions will sit alongside the behaviour change measures already undertaken as part of the LEN programme."

    Details of these proposals are set out below, showing the existing and proposed arrangements, as well as information on the rationale. Once implemented, these proposals will be the first of their kind in Westminster. If you would like to comment on the proposals or have any questions, please email by 11.59pm on 5th December 2018. Responses will be considered before proceeding with the next stages of design and implementation."

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  • No lighting on cycle route.

    Created by HelenofYork // 1 thread

    North of Scarborough Bridge in York, there is an excellent off-road cycle track (part of Route 65 to Beningborough Hall) which is very well-used. Unfortunately there is very little lighting on this track, except for where there are adjacent houses, so it is extremely difficult to use after dark. As it is much more hazardous to ride in traffic after dark in winter, it is doubly annoying that the track is in effect out of bounds at night. People in dark clothing, dogs, other unlit cyclists ( :( ) and in some places, cows, make it far too hazardous to use without lights. A quick and cheap improvement which would go some way towards making it useable without disturbing the local wildlife with bright lights, would be lining both sides of the track with solar 'runway' lights. Once they are in, the only maintenance required for these is to keep the grass cut back so they aren't obscured.

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  • 18/1679/FUL 212 Newmarket Rd - mixed use building with 13 dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    'Cycle parking has been designed above the Council’s current standards- Cycle Parking in Residential Developments (2010). The flats are provided with a covered and secure cycle store integrated into the footprint of the proposed new building and accommodating 17No. Cycles and 1No. Cargo bay. The store will be fitted with steel Sheffield cycle stands spaced in accordance with Diagram 3 of the above guide. Access gates/doors are to be a minimum of 1m width where required. A further 10No. cycle spaces are proposed to the front of the development for visitors and 9No. Spaces provided in a separate store for the commercial units.'

    Initial investigation of the ground floor plan reveals this seems to be true.

    They have also claimed to reserve a 2.0m strip of land along the highway boundary for future Eastern Gate related improvements.

    No issues detected.


    Mixed use development for ground floor commercial space (Use Classes A1, A2, B1 and D1) with 13 residential units (including 25% affordable) above comprising of 3 x 2bed flats and 10 x 1bed flats along with car and cycle parking following demolition of the existing buildings on site.

    212-214 Newmarket Road Cambridge CB5 8JL


    Application reference : 18/1679/FUL

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  • 18/1703/FUL 25-27 Chesterton High St - extensions & alterations for 9 new flats

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Proposes 32 cycle parking spaces for residential + office use split into two areas of 22 and 10. They seem to be well-dimensioned. The only outstanding question is security: there does not appear to be any access control.


    Extension and alterations to No.25-27 High Street, erection of new buildings to provide a total of nine new residential units and associated infrastructure and works (following part demolition on all three floors).

    25-27 High Street Chesterton Cambridge CB4 1NQ


    Application reference : 18/1703/FUL

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  • S/4208/18/RM Northstowe Phase 2 strategic engineering works

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Northstowe Phase 2 strategic engineering elements including cycleways.

    See 'Town General Plans'

    Interesting that they plan significant stretches of protected & segregated bidirectional cycleway including protected & segregated junctions. Although in some sections these mysteriously turn into shared-use pavements, and it's not clear why, since there's plenty of space...

    Cycleway / footway kerb is a 45-degree type, better than 90-degree but still steeper than a forgiving kerb.

    There's also a link from Dry Drayton Road included & also an overpass of that road for some reason (part of A14 works?).


    Reserved Matters for landscaping and layout for Strategic Engineering Elements in relation to Phase 2 following outline planning permission S/2011/14/OL. An Environmental Impact Assessment was required at the time of the Outline submission and an Environmental Statement was submitted at that time.

    Land South Of, Longstanton Road, Oakington, Cambs, CB24 3AB

    South Cambridgeshire

    Application reference : S/4208/18/RM

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  • Kentish Town Planning Framework

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    Camden are consulting on a proposed planning framework for the northwest part of Kentish Town. This essentially covers the Murphy’s and Regis Road sites and is designed to set parameters for when/if the sites are redeveloped. The consultation is at and is open for individual responses until December 7th.

    We will be putting in a response from Camden Cyclists so please use one of the threads to add your comments by the end of November. We are particularly focussed on cycle and pedestrian permeability.

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  • Duke Hill St/Tooley St

    Proposals include:

    Introducing a 20mph speed limit along entire length of Duke Street Hill/Tooley Street (between Borough High Street and Tower Bridge Road)
    Introducing a 2 metre wide mandatory cycle lane westbound, on Duke Street Hill/Tooley Street, running between Borough High Street and Bermondsey Street junctions, separated from traffic with wands on the Duke Street Hill section
    Introducing a protected right turn ‘pocket’ for cyclists waiting to turn right into Bermondsey Street from Tooley Street
    Making Duke Street Hill no entry, apart from cyclists and buses, from the junction with A3 Borough High Street. This will mean that eastbound traffic along Duke Street Hill and Tooley Street as far as the junction with Bermondsey Street is restricted to buses and cycles only.
    Restricting access from side roads onto Tooley Street to westbound travel only. Any motorized vehicle turning onto Tooley Street from the following roads will not be able to turn onto and travel eastbound towards Bermondsey Street:
    Tooley Street onto Duke Hill Street
    Bridge Yard onto Tooley Street
    Cottons Lane onto Tooley Street
    Hay’s Lane onto Tooley Street
    Battlebridge Lane onto Tooley Street
    Westbound traffic will continue to be able to travel along this section of highway as it does at present (i.e. accessing via Bermondsey Street or from roads further east) which lead onto Tooley Street.

    This will be an interim scheme, reducing traffic in the short term. We are working on a more transformational scheme for Tooley Street, to extend the high-quality cycling provision proposed as part of Cycle Superhighway 4 towards London Bridge.

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  • southwark draft movement plan

    Created by SallyEva // 1 thread

    We are developing a Movement Plan that will set the direction for transport planning in Southwark over the next 20 years – this work will influence the roads you use, the routes you take and the places you spend time in. The Movement Plan takes a people-centred approach, putting the people that live in, work in, and visit the borough at the starting point of our journey. This places fairness at the core of our work

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  • 18/1637/FUL Grosvenor Court - 8 flats & covered cycle parking

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Two cycle parking areas, one in the front, one in the rear, each has 5 Sheffield stands.

    The spacing is OK at 1m intervals.

    The front cycle parking area is secure and covered but the aisle width only appears to be about 900-1000mm instead of the required 1100mm. The door to the secure area is only 800mm wide, narrower than the required 1000mm.

    The rear cycle parking area is covered but not secured by any kind of locked door or gate.


    Extensions and alterations to Grosvenor Court to provide 8 flats, car parking, covered cycle parking, bin store and new fencing.

    1 Grosvenor Court Cambridge CB3 0HU


    Application reference : 18/1637/FUL

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  • Hounslow Draft Local Implementation Plan Consultation

    Created by Hounslow Cycling Campaign // 3 threads

    Local Implementation Plan released for consultation by London Borough of Hounslow.

    a. CS9 is referenced many times in the document (such as p.31 "The implementation of CS9 would create opportunities for new orbital routes into neighbouring residential areas and transport hubs").however it is also sometimes qualified by "if approved" and proposals will have dependencies upon CS9 going ahead.
    b. We get a mention on p.31 "Local groups such as the Hounslow Cycling Campaign can provide important knowledge on local demand and suggestions for improvements." Yey!
    c. Section 3.1.4 and Appendix D reference Propensity to Cycle tool results for the borough.
    d. Section 3.1.5 references cycle routes to Heathrow. While Heathrow airport isn't within Hounslow, it is the largest employer of borough residents. Our guess is that additional funding from TfL and Heathrow will be required to address Heathrow cycle access.
    e. Section 3.1.6 references a cycle network for the borough. This is the first time we have seen reference to a "Hounslow Priority Cycle Network" as previously, projects have been disconnected individual projects. CS9 provides the "spine" for this network.
    f. There is reference to 2 Liveable Neighbourhoods bids for Feltham and Dukes Meadows. We have heard that "Dukes Meadows" will actually be called "Chiswick South" in the bid. The details of these bids are not within the LIP but we have heard the "Chiswick South" bid has a mixture of public realm improvement, school streets and creation of filtered permeability cells in the Grove Park area of Chiswick.

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  • TfL's proposed changes to junctions along Edgware Road

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    From TfL webpage :
    "We are proposing changes to junctions along Edgware Road, between the Marylebone Flyover and Marble Arch, which will improve safety for pedestrians, and other road users.

    Our proposals include:

    - Creating new pedestrian crossings, with green and red man signals
    - Adding count down timers to new and existing crossings
    - Creating more space for pedestrians on the pavement
    - Limiting speed for vehicles to 20 miles per hour
    - Providing new Advanced Stop Lines (cycle boxes) for cyclists"

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