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  • Cambridge Station Bridge maintenance (Carter bridge)

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    The Carter Bridge is looking worse for wear in many ways. 

    We've had a question about who is responsible for maintenance. Network Rail and Cambridge County Council, Cambridge City Council have apparently denied responsibility and there has been a suggestion that Essex County Council may be responsible. 

    What do we know about responsibility and previous actions to keep the bridge maintained? 

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  • Wellesley Road

    Created by Will Bramhill // 1 thread

    1960s roadbuilding seared through the town. Modern road planners have already provided a good toucan crossing between Wellesley Road and Crouch Street West across Southway/Lexden Road. Providing a better ramp from Wellesley Road would help facilitate this. 

    Essex Housing is redeveloping the Essex County Hospital site as housing. The company has agreed various cycling measures as part of this scheme. It has allocated £25,000 towards remodelling the Wellesley Road/Creffield Road/Maldon Road junction. Gwyn Owen, head of Essex Housing, has agreed that any money left over can be put towards a new, wider ramp. There may also be funds from the Local Highways Panel.

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  • New Joint Development Control Committee

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    From the previous thread:

    Key information:

    The establishment of the new JDCC, composed of members from both South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council have now been completed and the previous JDCC has been dissolved...

    'In terms of the remit of the new Committee, some cross boundary sites have been included that were not within the remit of the previous Committee ... both Councils have adopted Local Plans which include specific policy designations – some of which overlap the Administrative boundary of the two Councils. Whilst both Councils have created a shared planning service, this does not change the statutory position of the two Councils as distinct “local Planning Authorities” ... The additional sites include the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan areas within both City and SCDC, Cambridge Biomedical Campus/Addenbrookes site and the extension of Peterhouse Science Park/ARM on Fulbourn Road.'

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  • 19/1756/FUL: Community hub, 22 dwellings, car parking, vehicular access, rec.

    Site: The Meadows Community Centre, Arbury


    Erection of new community hub and 22 council rented affordable dwellings, car parking, replacement multi use games area, new vehicular access off Arbury Road and enhancements to the recreation ground and installation of substation (as part of wider proposal for the full Meadows site seeking permission for the demolition of existing community centre and the erection of a new community hub, 78 affordable dwellings, car parking, a replacement multi use games area, new play equipment, the creation of new vehicular accesses on to Arbury Road, Daisy Close and St Catharines Road, the provision of new landscaping and substation and the installation of drainage to the football pitch and associated land levelling together with land reprofiling).

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  • A142 / Lancaster Way roundabout consultation

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Capacity improvements are currently underway to the A10/BP roundabout, required as part of the approved Lancaster Way Business Park expansion planning application.

    This is a vital development to support economic growth within East Cambridgeshire and expected to generate 2,500+ jobs, 75% will be from the local area. Cambridgeshire County Council agreed to carry out a feasibility study encompassing the A10, BP and Lancaster Way roundabouts to assess the current congestion issues limiting future growth which was completed in October 2018.

    This study identified that capacity improvements at the Lancaster Way roundabout would also unlock further benefits of the measures now being constructed at the BP roundabout. The County Council has started to look at what improvements could be made to the Lancaster Way roundabout and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and East Cambridgeshire District Council have agreed to provide funding.

    The public have the chance to offer comments for consideration on the proposed design.

    This consultation is to share the details with residents and receive feedback. We may share your information with our partners in this consultation (East Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority) and with the council analysis team.

    You do not have to give us any personal information. We will not publish any personal details you do give us, but may publish our response, and include it in public reports, with personal details removed. Personal data will be held securely, in accordance with data protection legislation. We will only store it for 12 months after the consultation results have been analysed and the consultation report published.

    Please view the consultation information prior to completing this survey, online at link)

    All surveys should be completed by the closing date of Friday 18 September 2020.

    Your views on the project are welcomed.

    It's the usual motorist-centric tripe of course, with ridiculous excuses for not building a signalised crossing ("it's rural" - nevermind that Babraham is also rural and they are doing it there).

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  • A1000 pop-up cycle lanes south of Tally Ho gyratory

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Following Dft Phase 1 funding arising from the current Covid19 situation, designs are available for cycle lanes covering the approximate 3.2km length from the Haringey boundary to just south of North Finchley.

     The design principle has been, where possible, to provide a temporary lightly segregated cycle lane, defined by wands, bolted into the carriageway surface at 4m spacings. In some cases, we have taken a cycle lane width of 2.5m. In other locations, where space permits, we have re-allocated the whole of a current running lane.

     At other locations, we have needed to retain a ‘with traffic’ cycle route. In order to mitigate this, these sections of the route will be provided with carriageway cycle markings and signage as is usual, but complemented with the introduction of 20mph limits.

     Monitoring of the route will take place (and indeed has already started) to assess cycle and motorised traffic volumes, as well as to assess any changes to the temporary layout that may be necessary.

     In developing the design we have engaged with TfL’s cycling sponsors and have incorporated, where applicable, comments and suggestions from their design audit teams and our safety advisors. We have also obtained support from the police in respect of the 20mph limits.

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  • A1 Archway Road

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    The A1 route requires improvement for safer cycling to provide continuity from the A1000 cycle route in Barnet.


    The A1 red route has an unprotected bike lane for the first half of the ascent, although traffic is single file until just before the lights and tends to leave room on the left for most of the climb. However, between the lights at Muswell Hill Road and Shepherds Hill the road has two congested traffic lanes leaving no space for cyclists (see photo). South of this it’s single lane with parking, then a bus lane and then cycle tracks appear at Archway gyratory. The issues south of Muswell Hill Road also affect Haringey cyclists using that road from Muswell Hill.


    The A1 route has segregated bike or bus lanes up to Shepherds Hill lights, where it becomes two congested traffic lanes between there and the Muswell Hill Road lights, leaving no space for cyclists. Emergency social distancing provision has led to the left lane being fully cordoned off to provide extra pedestrian space for the shops, which squeezes cyclists into the remaining traffic lane. North of Muswell Hill Road is a fast, single lane descent with parking on the left for the first half. The Bakers Lane gyratory can be navigated to the A1000 without changing lanes, although other traffic is crossing lanes making this hazardous for cycling.

    Haringey cyclists heading for Muswell Hill have the added problem of a difficult right turn off the A1 into Muswell Hill Road.

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