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  • Kentish Town Planning Framework

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    Camden are consulting on a proposed planning framework for the northwest part of Kentish Town. This essentially covers the Murphy’s and Regis Road sites and is designed to set parameters for when/if the sites are redeveloped. The consultation is at and is open for individual responses until December 7th.

    We will be putting in a response from Camden Cyclists so please use one of the threads to add your comments by the end of November. We are particularly focussed on cycle and pedestrian permeability.

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  • Duke Hill St/Tooley St

    Proposals include:

    Introducing a 20mph speed limit along entire length of Duke Street Hill/Tooley Street (between Borough High Street and Tower Bridge Road)
    Introducing a 2 metre wide mandatory cycle lane westbound, on Duke Street Hill/Tooley Street, running between Borough High Street and Bermondsey Street junctions, separated from traffic with wands on the Duke Street Hill section
    Introducing a protected right turn ‘pocket’ for cyclists waiting to turn right into Bermondsey Street from Tooley Street
    Making Duke Street Hill no entry, apart from cyclists and buses, from the junction with A3 Borough High Street. This will mean that eastbound traffic along Duke Street Hill and Tooley Street as far as the junction with Bermondsey Street is restricted to buses and cycles only.
    Restricting access from side roads onto Tooley Street to westbound travel only. Any motorized vehicle turning onto Tooley Street from the following roads will not be able to turn onto and travel eastbound towards Bermondsey Street:
    Tooley Street onto Duke Hill Street
    Bridge Yard onto Tooley Street
    Cottons Lane onto Tooley Street
    Hay’s Lane onto Tooley Street
    Battlebridge Lane onto Tooley Street
    Westbound traffic will continue to be able to travel along this section of highway as it does at present (i.e. accessing via Bermondsey Street or from roads further east) which lead onto Tooley Street.

    This will be an interim scheme, reducing traffic in the short term. We are working on a more transformational scheme for Tooley Street, to extend the high-quality cycling provision proposed as part of Cycle Superhighway 4 towards London Bridge.

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  • southwark draft movement plan

    Created by SallyEva // 1 thread

    We are developing a Movement Plan that will set the direction for transport planning in Southwark over the next 20 years – this work will influence the roads you use, the routes you take and the places you spend time in. The Movement Plan takes a people-centred approach, putting the people that live in, work in, and visit the borough at the starting point of our journey. This places fairness at the core of our work

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  • 18/1637/FUL Grosvenor Court - 8 flats & covered cycle parking

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Two cycle parking areas, one in the front, one in the rear, each has 5 Sheffield stands.

    The spacing is OK at 1m intervals.

    The front cycle parking area is secure and covered but the aisle width only appears to be about 900-1000mm instead of the required 1100mm. The door to the secure area is only 800mm wide, narrower than the required 1000mm.

    The rear cycle parking area is covered but not secured by any kind of locked door or gate.


    Extensions and alterations to Grosvenor Court to provide 8 flats, car parking, covered cycle parking, bin store and new fencing.

    1 Grosvenor Court Cambridge CB3 0HU


    Application reference : 18/1637/FUL

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  • Hounslow Draft Local Implementation Plan Consultation

    Created by Hounslow Cycling Campaign // 3 threads

    Local Implementation Plan released for consultation by London Borough of Hounslow.

    a. CS9 is referenced many times in the document (such as p.31 "The implementation of CS9 would create opportunities for new orbital routes into neighbouring residential areas and transport hubs").however it is also sometimes qualified by "if approved" and proposals will have dependencies upon CS9 going ahead.
    b. We get a mention on p.31 "Local groups such as the Hounslow Cycling Campaign can provide important knowledge on local demand and suggestions for improvements." Yey!
    c. Section 3.1.4 and Appendix D reference Propensity to Cycle tool results for the borough.
    d. Section 3.1.5 references cycle routes to Heathrow. While Heathrow airport isn't within Hounslow, it is the largest employer of borough residents. Our guess is that additional funding from TfL and Heathrow will be required to address Heathrow cycle access.
    e. Section 3.1.6 references a cycle network for the borough. This is the first time we have seen reference to a "Hounslow Priority Cycle Network" as previously, projects have been disconnected individual projects. CS9 provides the "spine" for this network.
    f. There is reference to 2 Liveable Neighbourhoods bids for Feltham and Dukes Meadows. We have heard that "Dukes Meadows" will actually be called "Chiswick South" in the bid. The details of these bids are not within the LIP but we have heard the "Chiswick South" bid has a mixture of public realm improvement, school streets and creation of filtered permeability cells in the Grove Park area of Chiswick.

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  • TfL's proposed changes to junctions along Edgware Road

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    From TfL webpage :
    "We are proposing changes to junctions along Edgware Road, between the Marylebone Flyover and Marble Arch, which will improve safety for pedestrians, and other road users.

    Our proposals include:

    - Creating new pedestrian crossings, with green and red man signals
    - Adding count down timers to new and existing crossings
    - Creating more space for pedestrians on the pavement
    - Limiting speed for vehicles to 20 miles per hour
    - Providing new Advanced Stop Lines (cycle boxes) for cyclists"

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  • Oxford Street District Place Strategy and Delivery Plan

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Westminster Council says:

    The draft strategy sets out a series of ambitious, exciting and also deliverable recommendations to significantly improve the district as a whole, with 96 projects across 87 different streets and spaces. We’ve also identified nine zones that reflect varying character from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road. The strategy was developed from previous consultation responses, proposed plans and a process of engagement in order to identify and understand concerns and ideas.

    All of the proposals are our ideas as to what could be done to improve the area. Subject to the feedback we receive in the consultation, the council will then carry out the detailed technical work that would be needed to turn those preferred proposals into reality.

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  • Frogston Road

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    Frogston Road should have footways on both sides of the road, segregated cycle paths and at least two more pedestrian crossings.

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  • Fairmilehead crossroads

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    The carriageway here is a weird concave shape. This creates a pinchpoint, with some drivers trying to overtake cyclists before the bottleneck.

    The pavement should be widened to form a normal convex shape.

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  • Redevelopment proposed for land south of Coldham's Lane

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Developer Anderson Group is hosting a community planning weekend later this month to give residents the chance to draw up a masterplan for land south of Coldhams Lane.

    “It’s about building good quality houses in good quality communities,” the company’s Christian Criscione told the Cambridge Independent ahead of a launch of the project on Tuesday (October 30).

    The former quarry and landfill site includes the Cherry Hinton lakes and land parcels to the north of the railway line.

    It has been identified by Cambridge City Council as an “area of major change” and the authority has been actively promoting the land for regeneration with “appropriate redevelopment”.

    As well as built development such as housing, the council has expressed ideas including the opening of the lakes, environmental improvements, outdoor recreation areas and a new urban country park.

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  • 18/1642/FUL 4 Green End Road - change from dwelling to large scale HMO

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Proposes ten cycle parking spaces from five Sheffield stands. Seems well-spaced. No details on cover or security though.

    Vehicle Tracking drawing ATR01 shows potential overlap with parked cycles on site plan drawing A199.

    Related to approved application from last year:


    Change of use from dwelling to large scale HMO with single storey rear extension and associated alterations.

    4 Green End Road Cambridge CB4 1RX


    Application reference : 18/1642/FUL

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  • 18/1664/FUL 4 Highworth Ave - erection of 5 terraced dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    5x 2BR terraced dwellings to replace existing house.

    Cycle Parking consists of small sheds in front gardens that require lifting and won't feature independent access.

    Front garden doors may be only 85cm wide.

    It is not proposed to install additional dropped kerbs, a point that we may wish to strongly support because if any additional dropped kerbs are installed they would enter onto the Elizabeth Way roundabout (and the future GCP Milton Road scheme at the roundabout) introducing problems of highway safety for people walking and cycling at the roundabout.


    Erection of five terraced dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling.

    4 Highworth Avenue Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 2BG


    Application reference : 18/1664/FUL

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  • Sutton Tram Link

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread


    Here's the overview from TFL:

    We are consulting on proposals for a new, direct and quicker transport link between Sutton and Merton. We have called this the Sutton Link.

    The Sutton Link would create a high-capacity route for people travelling between Sutton town centre and Merton using zero-emission vehicles. It would connect with other major transport services into central London and across south London, including National Rail, London Underground, existing tram and bus services. It would make journeys by public transport quicker and more attractive, and reduce the need for trips by private car.

    Many of the neighbourhoods along the proposed routes have limited public transport options. The Sutton Link would support new homes being built and would improve access to jobs, services, major transport hubs and leisure opportunities across both boroughs and beyond.

    Our work is at a stage where we would like to know your views about three potential routes. We are considering a tram or ‘bus rapid transit’ (BRT) for the Sutton Link and would also like to know your views on this.

    BRT is similar to a tram but runs on road segregated from traffic where possible, not on rails, and carries fewer people in each vehicle. A full explanation is included below in the section titled ‘About trams and bus rapid transit’.

    From LCC -

    general principles would be ensure this doesn’t negatively impact cycle routes, that there are good routes to the stations/stops, that any places where cyclists will be crossing tracks are designed carefully with latest materials to avoid tramlining incidents, that the space comes from private car lanes.

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  • Harper Road Street Improvements (post-width restriction experiment)

    Created by Laurence // 1 thread

    Consultation from Southwark Council following the experimental width-restrictions:

    We are proposing a range of street improvements to Harper Road and would like to hear what you think. The proposed Harper Road street improvements include the junction of Swan Street and extend to New Kent Road*. The street falls within the project study area for Walk Elephant and will form part of a future quietway, currently in concept design, to join quietway 7 at Falmouth Road. The design was developed in coordination with other works in the street: shopfront renewal at the shopping parade and refurbishment of Dickens Square Park.

    We have spoken to residents and stakeholders over the past couple of years who have told us about a number of issues at Harper Road. A 'Healthy Streets' perception survey conducted this summer confirmed many of the concerns raised:

    Cars, HGVs and other large vehicles have been using Harper Road as a through-route. The traffic is intimidating, travelling at high speeds, and poses a hazard to pedestrians, particularly vulnerable road users such as children attending the Globe Academy, the elderly and children visiting the mosque and parks and cyclists accessing nearby quietways.
    Harper Road does not always feel like a safe and inclusive place for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. The shopping parade is neglected. There are pinch-points in the footway where there are mature trees and sign posts, and there are not enough crossing opportunities in the street.
    There's a lack of safe and comfortable places for people to stop and rest, relax and pass the time.
    We are proposing a number of other measures in the street to make the street feel safer and more likely to encourage people to walk and cycle:

    Keep the trial width restrictions as a permanent measure with a more robust feature (e.g. bell bollard) at Harper Road, and replace the existing island in Bath Terrace with a gate/removable bollards to allow emergency access. The width restriction which has resulted in an 86% drop in HGVs and 23% drop in motorised vehicles in Harper Road, reducing peak flows to below 500, and reducing traffic in the surrounding streets. The proportion of HGVs dropped from 5.8% to 1% in the middle section of the road, and NO2 levels have decreased in three monitoring locations in the street (see results attached below). While a full road closure or filter has been requested by some residents and stakeholders, at this stage the width restriction along with complementary measures below is considered proportionate as a measure to reduce traffic flows and speeds in the street. We will monitor the effect of the measures, and assess the need for further measures such as filtering at a later stage.
    Slow down traffic with new raised crossings, narrowing of the road, and more cycle-friendly sinusoidal speed humps (replacing any speed sushions).
    Improve accessibility for people from all walks of life by widening footways, providing raised crossings, providing reserved cycle stands for cyclists with disabilities and creating more accessible crossings (e.g. drop kerbs with wider traffic island, and associated tactile paving).
    Minimal effect on existing parking: A car club bay and two bays will be relocated further west down the road, and loss of one one permit and paid space at Dickens Square Park, and two short stay bays by New Kent Road. The effect of this is considered negligible considering the low parking occupancy in the area.
    Resurface the footway at the shopping parade with granite paving stones in line with our streetscape palette, to complement the planned shopfront improvements.
    Replace existing planters at the shopping parade with new planting and seating to make the area more attractive and provide places to stop and rest.
    Change the service road in front of shops to one way to improve safety and reconfigure footpath, allowing extension of parking bay (N.B. angled parking was assessed with tracking software and was not feasible due to the TfL cycle stand obstructing movements).
    Add more cycle stands at the shopping parade.
    Add single seats in the wide footway south of Falmouth Road so that people walking can stop and rest.
    Remove street clutter (posts, railing and bollards) and remove the give way road feature south of Falmouth Road to make the area more pleasant and feel more inclusive.
    Provide things to see and do: paint electricity boxes by Rockingham Street, and create play opportunities such as hopscotch, in the wide footway south of Falmouth Road.
    You can see these proposals in detail in the proposed Preliminary Design attached below.

    Please let us know how you feel about these ideas, what comments and suggestions you might have, and what other aspirations you might have for the street, using our online questionnaire below.

    In addition to the questionnaire if you would like to share your views and suggestions and see what other people think, please go to our interactive map.

    Please also see upcoming events below for an opportunity to discuss the proposals with council officers.

    *The section of road from Newington Causeway/Borough High Street to Swan Street will be part of later scheme tied in with the redevelopment of the corner at Borough High Street and the upcoming Quietway design.

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  • Ferniehill Road junction

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    Junction radii need to be drastically reduced, and parking/loading prohibitions put in place.

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  • Clifton Street/Worship Street

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    Hackney Council are proposing to filter out through motor traffic to create a new public square. Access for drivers would be maintained to the adjacent streets. The square would permit cycling. Comments by Saturday 3rd November please, so that they can be included in our response to Hackney Council.

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  • 18/1625/FUL Rear of 53-55 Wulfstan Way - three dwellings (2x 2BR & 1x 3BR)

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Cycle parking in rear gardens. Rear Recommend that rear door to dwellings be (un)lockable from the outside.

    Plot 1 (3BR) does not have sufficiently sized cycle parking for 3 cycles - only suitable for 2. Should be 2,000mm wide by 2,200mm deep, with a 1,000mm door.

    Access doors to the rear gardens are all substandard, less than 1,000mm, in all three plots. Access doors must be (un)lockable from both sides.

    Excessive car parking spaces for the 2BR dwellings Plots 2 and 3. There are two parking spaces for each. The new Local Plan allows a maximum of 1.5 parking spaces on average.


    Erection of three dwellings and provision of access.

    Land To Rear Of 53 - 55 Wulfstan Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire


    Application reference : 18/1625/FUL

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  • 18/1601/FUL 35-37 Russell St - 7 1BR flats & communal cycle park

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    'car-free' development (except 1 blue badge space)

    4 1BR units targeted at 2 residents and 3 1BR units targeted at a single resident.

    The cycle park in the rear garden is almost large enough to contain 3 Sheffield stands + 1 half-usable Sheffield, for 7 spaces. It appears to measure 3400mm in width internally -- would need about 3750mm to truly fit that arrangement within spec.

    There is a door on the passageway to reach the rear garden, next to the bins, which is only 850mm wide. Needs to be at least 1000mm according to Section 3.8.1.


    The erection of seven residential flats with associated communal garden space, disabled parking, and cycle store, following the demolition of the existing building on site at 35-37 Russell Street, Cambridge.

    35 - 37 Russell Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 1HT


    Application reference : 18/1601/FUL

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