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  • A120 to A133 Link Road and Rapid Transit System

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    "Linking the A120 and A133 with a new road will unlock land to provide housing and business space, improving connectivity locally and within the wider region. It will serve a new Park and Choose site and manage traffic congestion going to Colchester Town Centre, the University of Essex and its Knowledge Gateway Technology and Research Park.

    A Rapid Transit System that will prioritise public transport on a key route through Colchester. It will enable housing and business growth, allowing new and existing residents to benefit from frequent, high-quality, reliable transport connecting to the key destinations within the town. These types of system have proved successful in other towns and cities, helping create a shift away from car travel. A recently implemented example of this is the Belfast Rapid Transit Glider.

    The system will service a new Park and Choose site on the proposed new community east of Colchester and help to better connect future growth areas with the rest of the town."

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  • Proposed East Colchester Garden Community

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    "Braintree, Colchester and Tendring Councils along with Essex County Council joined together to put forward plans for three new settlements built to Garden City Principles.

    The three sites based west of Braintree, on the Braintree / Colchester border and on the Colchester / Tendring border could deliver up to 43,000 new homes along the North Essex A120 corridor with significant employment opportunities and transformational new infrastructure over the next 50 years."

    In May 2020 the planning inspector found the other two proposed settlements to be unsound, leaving East of Colchester as the only one of the three that could proceed.

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  • Planning application: 20/00398/OUTI3 Erection of multi-storey car park

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Erection of multi-storey car park and ancillary buildings; Creation of access road and paved external spaces; Re-location of site access onto Friars Bridge Road. Outline application to consider access, scale and layout only (landscaping and appearance as reserved matters).

    Portman Road C Car Park Portman Road Ipswich Suffolk


    Application reference : 20/00398/OUTI3

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  • Leytonstone Road - parking on footway and in cycle lane

    rskedgell // 0 threads

    The section of Leytonstone Road E15 between number 165 and Cherry Tree Road had a single yellow line waiting restrictions, loading restriction kerb markings and bollards until 2017-18 when the road was resurfaced. A new advisory cycle lane was introduced, but the yellow lines and kerb markings were not reinstated, although I can find no evidence that the traffic order has been revoked. Footway parking has since become a serious problem here, both narrowing the available width of the footway and obstructing the cycle lane. The single yellow line and kerb markings need to be reinstated. As CEOs seem unable to enforce the footway parking, consideration should also be given to converting the cycle lane to a mandatory lane, which would enable CCTV to be used to issue PCNs by post from 22 June 2020 (there is a Newham CCTV camera at the corner of Leytonstone Road and Gurney Road).

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  • 20/02171/OUT Northstowe Phase 3A (4,000 homes, 2 primary schools, local centre)

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    20/02171/OUT | Outline planning application for the development of Northstowe Phase 3A for up to 4,000 homes, two primary schools, a local centre (including employment, community, retail and associated services, food and drink, community, leisure, residential uses and other accommodation), secondary mixed use zones (including employment, community, retail and associated services, food and drink, community, leisure, residential uses), open space and landscaped areas, sports pitches, associated engineering and infrastructure works, including the retention of the existing military lake and creation of a new lake, with details of appearance, landscaping, layout, scale and access reserved. Application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement and involves works to/affecting existing Public Rights of Way. | Northstowe Phase 3A Rampton Road Longstanton Cambs

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  • Milton COVID-19 urgent measures

    Created by Edward Taylor // 1 thread

    Brief proposal for temporary measures in Milton.
    Raised as a result of COVID-19 distancing measures
    In addition to or in concert with suggestions arising from Spaces to Breathe

    1. Use a point closure at the north side of Cambridge to forbid southbound through traffic. Why? It eliminates through traffic in Milton, especially at peak times. There are other versions of this idea for Milton, such as modal filters. Driving into Milton centre should be further discouraged in favour of the A10 bypass.

    2. Implement a 20mph speed limit throughout Milton. Why? Reducing speed limits slows down drivers, a bit. It shifts the balance in favour of walking and cycling. The street environment becomes calmer, cleaner and quieter. In residential areas, there are more walkers and people just drive slower naturally. In these areas, cycling and walking becomes more pleasant and statistically safer. Fatality rate in collisions drops significantly.

    3. Remove on-street car storage on Cambridge Road / High street. Why? On-street car storage encourages people to choose the car when making journeys within Milton. (I've done it myself.) Nowhere within Milton is more than a 3 minute cycle journey away.

    4. Give cyclists and pedestrians priority at several key junctions on the Milton-Cambridge cycle route.(Winship road to Cambride Road) Why? To encourage people to use these routes and improve safety.

    The DfT has made it clear that the money will only be allocated for measures that truly make space for cycling (please let me know if you want to see the letter, as it has not been widely shared). Those painted lanes do not meet the criteria set by the government, so they will have to be paid by Cambs Highways.

    The deadline for councils to bid for the funds is Friday June 5th - in 6 days! If anybody has got any follow up suggestions I would suggest emailing our concillors well before that date, as any measures proposed will also have to be reviewed by Cambs Highways before they are sent off.

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  • 20/01474/REM Phase 3 of community garden at Clay Farm

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    20/01474/REM | Reserved Matters application pursuant to application 07/0620/OUT for Phase 3 of the Community garden at Clay Farm, to include a permanant community building (replacement of temporary building), new central east-west footpath through community garden and new cycle link to western edge of site. | Land South Of Long Road And East Of Hobson's Brook Clay Farm Development Site Long Road Cambridge

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  • A1307/Highways England

    Created by Tim Burford // 1 thread to 115951 -

    After all our correspondence with the chief exec of Highways England this is a pretty clear two fingers to all non-motorised users - the shared-use footway comes to a sudden end dumping north/westbound cyclists et al in the south/eastbound side of a dual carriageway with a 'safety' barrier blocking the way across. Insane.

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  • 20/02142/OUT Northstowe Phase 3B

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    20/02142/OUT | Outline planning application for the development of Northstowe Phase 3B, comprising up to 1,000 homes, a primary school, secondary mixed use zone (with retail and associated services, food and drink, community, leisure, employment and residential uses), open space and landscaped areas, engineering and infrastructure works, with details of appearance, landscaping, layout, scale and access reserved. Application accompanied by an Environmental Statement. | Northstowe Phase 3B Station Road Longstanton Cambs

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  • Low-traffic COVID neighbourhoods

    Created by Clare Hey // 0 threads

    Could we propose to LBHF that left and right turns here are cycle-only, creating low-traffic neighbourhoods east and west of Wandsworth Bridge Road, allowing safe cycle access from Putney to Embankment?

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  • Mapping out Cycling Infrastructure Proposals for Hammersmith and Fulham

    In order to create a safe cycling and active transport environment we need to point out what we need, where.

    In line with the policy announcement from Grant Shapps MP changes should be urgent and immediate so this is a space to plan, map them out and look at detail. We have the benefit of this being a forum where we have access to a lot of expertise in technical detail so feel free to suggest, upload photos, discuss, wish.

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