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  • Wykeham Primary School Proposed School Travel Plan

    Henry Lancashire // 1 thread

    Brent Council write:

    As part of our sustainable transport policy, we are progressively improving key walking routes to schools and making them safer for all road users such as children. This documents outlines our proposal to improve pedestrian access to Wykeham Primary School in Annesley Close.

    Why are we proposing this change?
    In 2017 Brent Council introduced a number of road safety improvements in roads around the
    Wykeham Primary school. This was in response to concerns raised by the school, local ward
    councillors and residents submitting a petition to Brent Council. Although we have installed a
    number of improvements to stop the obstructive parking on footways and Carriageway, and to
    reduce congestion in Annesley Close. The situation had not improved and drivers continue to
    obstruct the Carriageway and the Footways during the school peak hours at am and pm.
    The proposals we have introduced include the installation of Pedestrian Guard rails, Street trees
    and the installation of the School Keep Clear marking.

    What are the proposed improvements?
    The scheme proposals are shown in the attached drawing. In summary the proposals include:
    The introduction of a Pedestrian and Cycle zone in Annesley Close from its junction with
    Aboyne Road and the turning circle, between 8:15 to 9:15am and 2:30 to 4:00pm. The
    Permit holders within the proposed zone (Annesley Close), Emergency Service Vehicles,
    blue badge holders and permitted delivery vehicles would be exempted from the
    proposed restrictions.
    Introduction of timed “Pedestrian and Cycle” zone signs to help the enforcement of this
    area to improve safety of children and all pedestrians.

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  • Roadworks: Howland Street

    Created by John Chamberlain // 0 threads

    Howland Street is closed to motor traffic from Thursday 31st for several weeks. Cyclists will still be able to use it except for 2 days, probably 7th and 8th Feb, when it will be completely closed. On these days use the signed diversion via Grafton Way and Whitfield Street or walk through.

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  • S/0193/19/FL Rosemary Road Waterbeach - 9 new dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    The cycle parking dimensions look good, almost lifted straight out of the guide. Main issues are: garden gate doors are only 90cm, the Sheffield stands are affixed with only M12 bolts, and the cycle shelter doors are not lockable.


    Construction of 9 dwellings and new access Land to the rear of 10A, Rosemary Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9NB South Cambridgeshire Application reference : S/0193/19/FL

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  • Cycle path closed

    Created by Helen Cook // 1 thread

    Cycle path on southbound side of Eddington Avenue has been closed for no apparent reason since August 2018.  Obstructive signs tell cyclists to dismount or use the road.

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  • Here lies a new shared path off-limits to disabled cyclists

    Anon // 1 thread

    Last year a new path was built by Sustrans linking an existing bridleway to Rufforth. Great, right? Sure, *unless you dare to cycle on a non-conventional bike and/or have a physical disability*! Because what's this we have here? It's a barrier that makes it impossible for people with a physical disability and/or on a non-conventional bike to get past! Sustrans claim that the Council is responsible for this barrier, and the Council have said that those responsible "have been informed". Will action be taken? Will the 15-20% of York residents who have a physical disability be able to use this new path funded with their taxpayers' money? We shall see.

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  • Disabled cyclists - You Shall Not Pass!

    Anon // 1 thread

    Another signed cut-through for cyclists, another barrier that is ableist, discriminatory and a massive hassle even for able-bodied cyclists on conventional, diamond-frame, relatively light bikes. If you don't tick both those boxes then your options are:

    1. Lift your bike over the barrier. Here's hoping you're not on a cargo bike, trike or heavy city bike!

    2. Reverse back along the path if you're coming from the north/Malton Way and try to find a different route that isn't blighted by barriers.

    3. Take the road. Don't like cycling alongside motorised traffic? Tough!

    And here's what the Council needs to do - follow the example of more enlightened cities (pretty much any city in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany etc etc etc) and remove the barriers!!

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  • Horribly obstructive barrier on "cycle route"

    Anon // 1 thread

    This cut-through is on a key, signed, cycle route from Clifton Moor Gate, supposedly allowing cyclists to avoid the busy routes. But cyclists seeking to make use of this cut-through have to contend with not one, but two barriers, both apparently installed to impede cycle traffic or at the very least force to cyclists to walk (because all cyclists can walk without problem, right?!). The older barrier is a fence-type one which greatly narrows the space available to pass through. Apparently that wasn't enough to stop those pesky cyclists, as a concrete bollard has been installed maybe 0.5 metres from the metal barrier, in front of the greatly narrowed space. In short, only able-bodied cyclists with conventional bikes have any hope of getting through, and even then, it's a struggle. These barriers need to be removed.

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  • Vehicle free tradespeople

    Created by Nick Flynn // 1 thread

    A list of carpenters, cleaners, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople who can attend jobs in Cambridge without needing a car parking space (for example those arriving by cargo bike) would be a useful resource.

    It could be used by people who cannot offer car parking, or those who would prefer to choose someone who can arrive by sustainable transport.

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  • Draft Air Quality Action Plan Consultation

    Created by Charles Martin // 1 thread

    The London Borough of Sutton's revised Air Quality Action Plan, draft for consultation (6 December 2018 to 6 February 2019).

    Get Sutton Cycling produced a short film in 2017 "Air Pollution in Sutton: how it affects you and how cycling can help" 

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  • Chesterton Road Tree Lining - Project Consultation

    Cambridge City Council through the Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP) have allocated funding to improve the streetscape by increasing the number of trees along on Chesterton Road. We have identified a number of potential locations for new trees as shown on the 2 maps below.  

    Currently we have funding available for a smaller number of trees then shown on the plans below.  We wish to prioritise a number of these trees for the first phase of works.  We would hope to be able to plant further trees when and if we get additional funding.  

    This consultation gives local residents and stakeholders an opportunity to comment on and rate the potential tree location options put forward.

    All the potential locations will need to take into account highways infrastructure and underground utilities services, which may affect the locations currently being considered. 

    This consultation will end at noon on Friday the 15th of February 2018.

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  • Wrythe Lane / Tweeddale Road / Thornton Road - proposed changes to junction

    Created by Charles Martin // 1 thread

    • Removing the existing access into Tweeddale Road from Wrythe Lane. It is proposed to create new access from Thornton Road across the green space. This will help to reduce vehicle conflicts and provide better pedestrian routes.
    • Converting the closed section of Tweeddale Road to grassed area as shown on the plan in green hatch lines.
    • A raised table is proposed at the new entry into Tweeddale Road to provide a level crossing for pedestrians and to help with slowing down traffic speeds.

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  • Roadworks: Park Village East

    Created by John Chamberlain // 0 threads

    From January 17th until early 2020 Park Village East will be closed to motor traffic at the northern end for Thames Water to install a new 42 main. This is due to HS2 construction. It is currently possible to cycle through and the good news is that the road is temporarily two-way with effectively a modal filter at the north end! I wonder if we can persuade Camden to make the arrangement permanent.

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  • 18/2062/FUL just east of Clerk Maxwell - 35 new dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Need to measure the cycle parking sheds

    May be a good one to test policy 80 and continuous footways as this will cut a new access driveway into the existing footway on the east side of Clerk Maxwell.


    Erection of 35 dwellings (12 x 1bed, 4 x 2bed, 10 x 3bed and 9 x 4+bed) and re-position of existing access onto Clerk Maxwell Road. Provision of new spine road, parking, cycle provision, landscaping and associated infrastructure. Clerk Maxwell Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire Cambridge Application reference : 18/2062/FUL

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  • 19/0004/FUL Romsey Labour Club

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Transport Assessment

    4.16 Cycle parking for residents will be provided on the proposed basement level. Access will be
    provided via the main lobby, leading to a cycle wheel ramp. This will descend into a cycle
    store room with capacity for 38 cycles. The main staircase and lift will descend into the
    basement for direct access to the main residential block.

    4.17 As part of the development proposals, an on-site bike / ebike loan scheme will be implemented
    for the future residents of the services apartments to provide a readily available opportunity
    for travel by cycle.

    4.18 Visitor cycle parking will be provided at ground level, with capacity for 24 cycles. These will
    be provided adjacent to the western front of the site and can be accessed directly from
    Coleridge Road.

    Dimensions look OK. Main issue is basement. I think it's unavoidable, so the questions are:

    What is the gradient of the ramp?

    Is there enough turning space at the bottom?

    What provision is being made for people who cannot use the stairs/ramp to reach the basement? (none currently, but the courtyard looks reasonable) Alternatively can the lift be used for cycles? (it's 2m by 2m)

    Where are the mentioned e-bike hire bikes being parked?


    Serviced apartment (sui generis use class) scheme containing 38no self-contained 1xbed room units along with Cafe, gym and community space at ground floor with a vehicle drop-off zone, disabled car parking space, cycle parking and associated landscaping and retention of existing BLI frontage. Romsey Labour Club Mill Road Cambridge CB1 3NL Cambridge Application reference : 19/0004/FUL

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