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  • Awkward Junction For Cyclists in 20 mph Zone

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Busy Ashton Road (a 20 mph road from the A3029) bends eastward into the commercial area of North Street, close to a well-used park. On the bend, immediately adjacent to a park entrance, Frayne Street brings one-way traffic from the north west, and allows cycles to travel in the opposite direction towards Cumberland Basin. Coronation Road has two way traffic on the north east side.

    A recently installed calming measure has narrowed the road on the bend, as shown in the picture. The irregular shape of the road that results has made the turn into Coronation Road awkward for cyclists and, as can be seen from the lower half of the picture, some cyclists take ad hoc routes to avoid the complication. Buses and large lorries also use the route into North Street and most vehicles take the bend at about 30 mph, despite the speed restriction.

    As a route for cyclists, there could be a continuous segregated lane alongside the park (perhaps shaving a metre from the park itself, crossing Frayne Road with priority and following Coronation Road eastbound. A large number of school children use the route along the park every day but only a very few use a bicycle.

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  • Prince St Bridge - Quick Fix

    Created by Eric Booth // 2 threads

    Prince St bridge is an anarchic pigs ear. I like pigs and fond of a bit of anarchy but it's getting beyond a joke. Of course it will all be sorted out properly in due course but we could live with this for years. Here's a quick fix:

    1. Move south vehicle stop line back 10m behind tramlines
    2. Remove all bollards unless one or two kept in line with centre of bridge with arrows right for cars
    3. Widen cycle lane from bridge to Festival way turn so suitable for 2-way cycling.
    4. Put in Give Way painted line at an angle running from enlarged cycle lane to centre line so southbound cyclists alerted to need to filter across traffic.

    1. Remove all bollards
    2. Widen cycle lane for 2 way cycling all the way up to the traffic lights with The Grove.
    3. Remove 5 bollards on each side of north bound traffic light along with the two set back
    4. Paint cycle lane passing behind light and then back onto carriageway making it nice and clear that it's an option for cyclists when lights red or they can carry on (as most will, no worse than now but at least it will be clear that they can treat these as 'give way')
    5. There will need to be 'give way' paint to make clear that pedestrians have right of way on the by-pass.

    Yes it's muddled but less so than now and makes the desire lines easier. It's also a cheap paint based fix pending the proper job.

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  • Inadequate Cycle Signage

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Cycling North along Westbury Road (A4018) on a shared-use pathway beside the main carriageway there is a sign to "Westbury Park Shops". It is about 50 yards before the Parry's Lane roundabout and indicates a right turn ahead for cyclists and pedestrians. It has been added to a larger sign that reads "New Road Layout".

    In practice, on arrival at the roundabout there is no indication before, on or after the roundabout as to where cyclists should go next. A zebra crossing before the roundabout offers a dismounted route to the other side of the road, but there is no indication of which direction to take thereafter. There are 4 roads to chose from, Westbury Park, Etloe Road, North View and Downs Park West but none of them seem to offer shops. There are two ambiguous cycle lane markings on the entrance to Westbury Park and "NO CYCLING" is painted on one footpath.

    The problem, in a nutshell, is one that recurs all over Bristol: if you don't already know the way a first encouraging sign gives expectations that are not followed through. A route that had been indicated as a cycle route (with the cycle symbol) at its origin is left to chance and guesswork. The effect on cycling is to increase uncertainty and unpredictability. Each cyclist is obliged to make guesses about how to use a junction or follow a route. An association of cycling with expert and arcane knowledge is reinforced. Many routes (including this one) could be improved with a few additional signs or road markings and their use by casual or less well-informed cyclists could be encouraged.

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  • Hamlet - Auckland - Lancaster Rat Run, Bro/Cro border

    Created by angus hewlett // 1 thread

    Hamlet, Auckland and Lancaster roads are used as a rat run by traffic avoiding jams on the Crystal Palace Triangle. Several schools along here and no real need for through motor traffic to be allowed - there are two "A" roads on parallel routes (Church Road / S Norwood Hill, and Croydon Road) within a short distance.

    Use of this road as a rat run also creates extra through traffic on Fox Hill, Sylvan Hill, Southern Avenue and other roads that access it. It's not particularly dangerous by usual London standards (apart from getting beeped by impatient van drivers - no space to overtake along a lot of it) but could be made a lot safer so that the kids at the Harris Academies can cycle to school.

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  • Barrières de l'hôpital

    Created by giminik // 0 threads

    Une nouvelle barrière a été installée sur près du garde barrière. On ne peut pas passer à vélo sans mettre le pied à terre et passer sur le trottoir.

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  • Contraflow along Roehampton High Street

    Created by MB // 0 threads

    Being able to cycle down this road (westwards) to cross Roehamton Lane into Danebury Avenue would be a much safer option than the current one where cyclists have to spend some scary minutes converting from an 'on the pavement' cycle path that is invisible to pedestrians, onto a shared Toucan crossing & then immediately into 4 lanes of fast, heavy & impatient traffic before turning left into the comparative sanctuary of Danebury Avenue.

    Alternativley, after the Toucan crossing, an on-the-pavement cycle path could be continued, along the wide pavement (on the south side of Roehampton Lane), & allow a safe left turn into Danebury Avenue.

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  • Interruption de piste cyclable

    Created by AdrienFr25 // 0 threads

    Les travaux du tramway ont entraîné l'interruption de la continuité cyclable, autrefois excellente, entre l'avenue Mitterrand et le chemin de la Malcombe. Il n'y a aucune raison pour qu'il en soit ainsi et cela doit donc être corrigé.

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  • route Richmond - Kew Bridge

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    longer than Kew Rd and any traffic can be obstructive in narrow roads.
    Toucan crossings of A316, Kew Road and Mortlake Rd.
    Is rat running a problem ?

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  • route Richmond - Twickenham

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    Riverside path - scenic.
    Richmond bridge is NOT quiet.
    The path is narrow in places and surface sometimes poor. On a Sunday it can be congested with pedestrians. How to signpost - recommended except when fine ?

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  • route Strawberry Hill - Hampton

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    Links the Twickenham - Hampton Wick route with Hampton (Schools)
    Toucan crossing of Waldegrave Rd and cycle-able (but marked cyclists dismount) bridge over the railway. A toucan across Wellington Rd was intended but only a pelican installed.
    Burtons Rd is a notorious rat-run - needs permiable closure.
    New crossing of Uxbridge Rd barely adaquate.
    No Cycling on bridge over Longford River.

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  • Route Hampton-Hampton Wick

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    For most of this we have an ideal greenway. There is a busy section of Hampton Hill high street. Possibly use the crossings at Uxbridge Rd for bi-directional track on East side. A section of Park Rd is one way. No facilities in Hampton Wick.

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  • Richmond to Twickenham and towards Feltham

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    This route is a greenway in its western half and does avoid most traffic. There are Toucan crossings of major roads.
    Some Twickenham backroads are narrow and through traffic needs discouraging.
    Two underpasses in Crane Park are low and narrow.

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  • Route Twickenham - Hampton Wick

    Created by Paul L // 1 thread

    Between Twickenham and Teddington lock the only sensible route involves the main road A310. The cycle lane southbound is narrow and parking is allowed by Radnor Gdns. at weekends. Northbound a bus lane is peak hours only.

    Teddington to Hampton Wick uses Broom Road which is busier than ideal. Road closure in middle would help.

    Hampton Wick Highstreet lacks cycle protection. Possible diversion to riverside path.

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  • Parkside parallel cyclepath in Wandsworth & Merton

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    There is an opportunity to have a cycle path, between Tibbets Corner & Wimbledon Village, off the road, parallel to Parkside. A pedestrian path already exists. Parkside is a dangerous road to cycle down at the best of times.

    Interestingly, a few intrepid cyclists do use Parkside, and I expect there is a hidden cycling population (including me) that would leave their cars behind & use bikes for their commute along this road if it were a safer journey.

    A real opportunity here I think to increase cycling, decrease traffic congestion and move towards the 'Go Dutch' vision that the Mayor of London outlined earlier this year.

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  • Wiggins Lane Ham - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The northern section of Wiggins Lane is a one-way street, however this is an important desire-line for cyclists from the centre of Ham heading for Ham House and the river-side paths. Many cyclists already treat this as a contraflow - without the appropriate signage to warn oncoming motorists, this is a dangerous situation - see

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  • Cumberland Rd Kew - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    This street provides the main access way to both Queen’s CE Primary School and Kew College (private school). Because it is currently one-way; anyone wishing to cycle to these schools from the south is forced to cycle north up Leyborne Park, onto the A205 (or the narrow pavement-based cycle path) and then down Cumberland Road. This puts some significant extra distance onto the journey, plus the unpleasantness of cycling alongside the A205. Similarly, for those leaving these schools to travel north, they are forced to travel south for the length of Cumberland Road and then turn back up Leyborne Park – again adding unnecessary distance and effectively making cycling a very inconvenient way of getting to these schools. Streetview:

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  • Restrictive Permeability between Bristol and South Gloucestshire on Wordsworth Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    A northern stretch of Bristol's waymarked "Concorde Way" runs along a quiet residential street, Wordsworth Road. On the newest housing development as Bristol gives way to South Gloucestershire there is a barrier between the end of Wordsworth Road and the start of Eighth Avenue to prevent motor vehicles passing through. There is a raised curb, offset railings and large grey concrete bollards and only a narrow passage either side of one bollard for cyclists to ride through. Tricycles, cargo bikes, or trailers might be to be lifted over the raised curb. In dusk or darkness neither the bollards nor the curb are easy to see. There is a light on the traffic sign offering some help, but a less intimidating arrangements or reflective/high-visibility surfaces could be considered.

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  • Unmarked path to Richmond Park from Queen's Road

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    There is a useful but unmarked path from Queen's Road to Richmond Park and through to Sheen. It is used by pedestrians and cyclists & I have never seen it on any map! From Lower Grove Road, it takes you to the park via Bog Gate, or Sheen via Sheen Common.

    If it were better marked on maps, better maintained & wider in places, it could form a useful section of Richmond's (paved, segregated, Dutch style?) cycling network.

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  • Unsatisfactory Dighton Street Cycle Lane (& Enforcement)

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    The unusual arrangement at the beginning of this cycle lane in Dighton Street Bristol might lead some road users to take it lightly. It could be that experience of moving or replacing trees with less destructive varieties in suitable containers should be sought from other places. Dighton Street is part of a well-used natural route from east to west near the city centre and efforts to establish serious, continuous and high quality cycle routes on roads like this one could represent very good value for money. Mandatory cycle lanes, once installed, need to be policed.

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  • Narrow Approach To Clifton Suspension Bridge With Unsuitable Cycle Lane

    Created by Sam Saunders // 2 threads

    On the eastern approach to Clifton Suspension Bridge the narrow road curves past a pedestrian refuge next to a toilet block. The short cycle lane that had started as approximately 1.2 metres wide narrows to approximately 0.9 metres at the refuge. More than half of the cycle lane at that point is paved with uneven cobbles unsuitable for cycling, especially on a bend. The traffic lane (approx 3.2 metres) is too narrow for a car and a bicycle to pass together. The cycle lane, in effect, is encouraging inexperienced cyclists to adopt a vulnerable road position and to cycle on an unsuitable surface.

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