This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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  • Advisory Cycle Lane Being Used As A Car Park

    Created by Sam Saunders // 0 threads

    The south-west bound advisory cycle lane, marked with dotted lines and with a small traffic island to funnel cycles into it (creating a pinch-point) seems to be regularly used a car park. If the parking is being encouraged or allowed, the island and the markings should be removed to allow the hazard to be more clearly seen. Preferably, the parking should be disallowed and a mandatory cycle lane should be installed.

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  • Pinch Point On Northumberland Road, Bristol

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Northumberland Road (part of Concord Way at this point) has been deliberately narrowed to allow pedestrians to cross between the footbridge and the Sports Centre and a cycle lane marking has been placed to one side of the narrow gap. The gap, however, is not wide enough to allow a car and a bicycle to go safely through the pinch point at the same time. A cyclist needs to take the centre of the lane, or pull over and wait for vehicles to pass.

    Either the carriageway should be re-widened (preferred) or the cycle lane indicator should be removed.

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  • Briefing papers

    Created by Monica Frisch // 8 threads

    This is an administrative issue to help Cambridge Cycling Campaign keep track of the briefing papers it is producing

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  • Traffic surveys

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I'm just working out that it seems hard to start a thread without an issue, and something that doesn't have a specific location (actually, I think having to provide a location for something when not appropriate counts as a bug).

    Last Thursday (so Maundy Thursday so the day before the double Bank Holiday weekend), there were people on Riverside between the new Riverside Bridge and the path up to Tesco, doing a traffic survey. I can't think of a less appropriate day to do one (maybe Christmas Eve which is also not a Bank Holiday but might as well be), unless the aim was "to show no-one really commutes along Riverside, and no school children travel along there". As far as I can tell, every state school was having a teacher training day even though their holidays were supposed to start on the Friday, all the private schools were off, there are no students around, and no rowers, and even lots of normal workers were presumably taking a day's holiday judging from how full my place of employment and the general traffic levels everywhere during "rush" hour. The location of this survey is irrelevant, as the data generated, wherever it was, will be irrelevant unless the question was "how little traffic is there on a day when all the schools are closed and lots of people have taken the day off work?".

    Is there any logic to when traffic surveys are done? Since they generate data that the Council use to decide on road maintenance, gritting etc, it's important that these data are meaningful.

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  • Orchard Park audit

    Created by Klaas Brümann // 2 threads

    Gallagher Estate, master planners of Orchard Park will soon hand over the highways for adoption by the County Council.

    We won't be able to fix this car centric development, but within it there are many pavement cycleways, "cyclists dismount" signs, cul-de-sac signs and others which are wrong or don't apply. There are also issues with dropped kerbs etc.

    I am looking for volunteers to audit Orchard Park, making a list of corrections we require before Gallaghers hands this project over.

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  • Lower Redland Road false one-way

    Created by christhebull // 2 threads

    A short section of Lower Redland Road adjoining Whiteladies Road is eastbound only, hindering cycling in this area. A simple remedial measure would be to allow legal contraflow cycling in the westbound direction on this road. Although no longer required for contraflows, a small traffic island exists at the exit of this one way street which could either removed, or utilised as the entrance to the contraflow. This would be relatively simple to implement as there are no intermediate junctions or traffic lights, only signs to be altered at either end and various formalities to go through.

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  • Travel for Work Partnership

    Created by Michael Cahn // 6 threads

    Travel for Work Partnership brings together Chambers of Commerce, Cambridge City Council, Huntingdonshire District Council, East Cambridgeshire County Council, NHS Cambridgeshire, University of Cambridge, Council for the Protection of Rural England, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

    Within this issue there is place for threads relating to single (major) employers, particular benefits or services, issues, the governance of TfW, the role of public health, parking allocation, best practice elsewhere etc

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  • Regional Campaigning

    Created by Michael Cahn // 4 threads

    How can we support the growth of local initiatives ?

    How can we overcome the division urban and rural cycling?

    Would it be useful to establish a network of regional groups?

    Could such a network become an interesting partner for the county planners?

    Would politicians be able to hear us better if we speak from a position of regional awareness, a a group of groups?

    Would it help the elected to understand that things are changing on our roads?

    Could such a network support constituent groups, facilitate exchange between these groups, become a more important player in the national context?

    Could such a network attract its own funding?

    What would be a good name for such a grouping (NAMES ARE IMPORTANT)

    We have CTC, Ely, A10 Corridor, Martin T thinking about something in Bury St Edmunds, "Routes around Chatteris", Wisbech forum (set up by the County), - anything else ?

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  • Mitcham Road

    Created by KristianGregory // 1 thread

    This is the Mitcham Road cycling blackspot. Part of the LCN, but features a cycle lane in the door zone of parked cars, high speed traffic, many pinch points and a history of incidents including the death of a cyclist.

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  • Parker's Piece entrance blockage by street trading

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The entrance to Parker's Piece has been blocked at various points over the last year by thoughtless location of a street-trading van.

    Trading in this location should be permitted only further along the path so that conflict between cycles and pedestrians in an already-confined space is reduced.

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  • Diesel rather than de-icer

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    I've had a report that one of the council's quad bikes has mistakenly sprayed diesel fuel on the section of cycleway between the Jane Coston Bridge along the side of Cowley Road down as far as junction near Milton Road.

    These needs checking, but if true will be a news story tomorrow and quite an environmental problem.

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  • Healthy Hospitals need to consider Cyclists

    The UHCW NHS Trust has applied for planning permission for a new access roads and multistorey car parks, under a plan drawn up by leading global engineering firm Arup.

    Please ask them to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better.

    The planning application details are here:

    Please state that you OBJECT to the current proposals as they don't give any consideration to encouraging more cycling (or walking).

    The trust are open to discussion via twitter (@NHSUHCW), but the council need to be asked to bring this matter to the committee (currently it is just classed as deferred, which means officers decide themselves).

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  • Arena Park Restaurants

    As freeholders of the site, Tesco have applied for planning permission for two new restaurants between the roundabout shown and the railway tracks / A444 (above the dual carriageway).

    Two core issues:

    1) This is an extremely dangerous, uncontrolled crossing - traffic leaves the A444 at 50mph, and is still 30 as it reaches the roundabout. As the map shows, there are Belisha crossings both north and south of this roundabout, so why not to the west, where traffic is still fast and undivided?

    2) Cycle parking on the rest of the site is still grossly inadequate. 18 cycle parking spaces are proposed with the restaurant - the same number as the rest of the site combined - although these are actually all in one place at the south of the site.

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  • Forest rd (The Bell)

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 0 threads

    To be tackled as part of a junction improvement scheme. This should be a good opportunity for place led design.

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  • Forest rd (Wolesey ave-Bromley rd)

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 1 thread

    Plans for a new scheme can be found here

    We have met with an engineer on site and generally agreed with the principle: proper cycle lane uphill but no cycle lane down hill, removal of pinch points, raised zebras 2 wide lanes outside William Morris with removal of pinch points, no real change further east before The bell junction will be improved.

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  • Cambridge Sport Lakes

    Created by Robin Heydon // 1 thread

    Cambridge Sport Lakes has been approved by South Cambridgeshire District Council. This provides an opportunity to create a safe and direct route from Milton to Waterbeach.

    I think we should contact this organisation and attempt to get the best possible cycle tracks possible through the development.

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