East Parade

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East Parade forms part of the one-way Leeds city centre loop. On the stretch shown it is three-lanes wide, a layout that encourages cases of excessive speed.

The addition of a wide hybrid or segregated cycle lane would improve cycle journeys from the railway station and the south of the city towards the Universities, hospital and north of the city.

Towards the junction with the Headrow the segregated system will end to allow cycles and vehicles to correctly position themselves to turn left or go straight ahead. In this final section the road surface should read, from left to right: (1) cycle lane, turning left (2) standard vehicle lane, turning left (3) cycle lane, straight ahead (4) standard vehicle lane, straight ahead (5 - if space permits) standard vehicle lane, straight ahead. Nevertheless, the layout should allow cycles continuing straight across to adopt their position without conflict from left-turning vehicles. An example of such markings can be seen in Cambridge (Hills Road railway bridge, inbound) or in Nantes (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyclable/9526360512/).

Provision for delivery vehicles should also be considered here, as the left hand lane is frequently occupied by vans or lorries under the current system. To avoid conflict with cyclists, it would be most sensible to site such parking to the right of a segregated cycle lane.

The project would bring additional traffic-calming benefits, with the reduction of the road width to two lanes along much of its length.


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