Church Rd/Larkfield Rd to A316 - reverse the one way street

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Added by Andrew Woodward

Cycling north down church rd; and wanting to go east on the A316, cyclists can avoid Richmond Circus by makin a right turn onto St. Johns Rd. However, this right turn is on a bend and there are frequently queues of north bound traffic that obscure the view of oncoming vehicles until you reach the bend - see streetview here ; coupled with a downhill gradient cyclists are tempted to cut across Church Rd at this point at speed despite poor visibility.

Reversing the direction of the Larkfield Rd / St Johns Rd one way system would allow northbound cyclists to make a right turn into Larkfield rd to cycle round and pick up the A316 - with much better view of oncoming traffic. Coming the other way, westbound cyclists heading for Richmond Station could then use St Johns Road to get to Richmond Station - which is slightly shorter and easier route.


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