Carshalton Village Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Plan Consu

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Added by Marcus Howarth

Doing a quick scan of the document see some enoughing comments on segregated cycleway in high st, parking and a cycle networks.

Unfortunately skip to the table at the end and it seems to be Medium to Long term objectives so real actions lacking. 

see p53 Guideline SS4: The Northern Side of the High Street

Any redevelopment should take the opportunity to create a
segregated cycle path parallel to the High Street.

7.29 Assisting a shift to more sustainable modes of transport would also be
beneficial. Expanding the cycle network to create a segregated cycle way and
increasing the pedestrian access and wayfinding for pedestrians to and from
the High Street and Grove Park would also be welcome by-products, should a
comprehensive redevelopment of the north side of the High Street take place.

Guideline G9: Traffic and Transport
The council will seek to improve the cycling network and pedestrian
network throughout the Conservation Area as opportunities arise.


July 21st, 2019


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