Disabled cyclists - You Shall Not Pass!

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Added by Anon

Another signed cut-through for cyclists, another barrier that is ableist, discriminatory and a massive hassle even for able-bodied cyclists on conventional, diamond-frame, relatively light bikes. If you don't tick both those boxes then your options are:

1. Lift your bike over the barrier. Here's hoping you're not on a cargo bike, trike or heavy city bike!

2. Reverse back along the path if you're coming from the north/Malton Way and try to find a different route that isn't blighted by barriers.

3. Take the road. Don't like cycling alongside motorised traffic? Tough!

And here's what the Council needs to do - follow the example of more enlightened cities (pretty much any city in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany etc etc etc) and remove the barriers!!


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