A3220 Cheyne Walk with Lots Road junction

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TfL says:
The A3220 Cheyne Walk runs east-west along the northern Thames embankment. Its junction with Lots Road is used moderately by cars, cyclists and buses and the footways are busy with pedestrians. Cycle flows at the junction are relatively high.
We are proposing improvements that will make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle across Cheyne Walk, while also making it easier for turning HGVs by increasing the road space and improving sight lines.

What are we proposing?
Installing a new signal-controlled toucan crossing to replace the existing zebra crossing. The crossing will feature a Countdown unit, and will be configured to reduce pedestrian wait times, making it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle across Cheyne Walk
Enhance the existing shared-use footway on the southern side of Cheyne Walk to provide more space for pedestrians, as well as an enhanced cycling connection to Lots Road
Upgrading paving throughout the area to help visually impaired and blind people, improving conditions for vulnerable users
Providing a new ramped inlet on the northern side of Cheyne Walk to provide safe and easy access to the toucan crossing
Re-landscaping the pedestrian island on Lots Road to make vehicle movements easier and safer for all road users
Subject to the outcome of this consultation, we plan to implement these changes in 2019.

Will these changes affect your journey?
These changes are designed to ensure that pedestrians and vulnerable people have a safe way to cross Cheyne Walk, while improving the movement of traffic throughout the area.
Our modelling shows that the junctions will continue to operate efficiently and the changes will have little impact on journey times through the area. We will monitor the completed scheme to ensure it is operating as expected and make adjustments as required.


November 4th, 2018 17:00


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