Tufnell Park junction revisions

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Added by George Coulouris

Camden Council will shortly be releasing a consultation on some tweaks to Tufnell Park junction aimed at improving it for pedestrians and cyclists. This junction overlaps the Camden-Islington boundary, so I presume the consultation will be a joint one, but Camden are taking the lead on the design.

I'm not free to post a drawing but I want to start some early discussion between Camden cyclists, Islington cyclists and others so here's a brief summary of the proposals:
- removal of the traffic islands and straight-across ped crossings on all arms of the junction
- additional diagonal ped crossings across the middle of the junction with an all-green phase.
- ASL boxes on all arms, but with feeder lanes (mandatory) only on Junction Road and Tufnell Park Road
- There will still be two motor traffic lanes at the signals for Fortess Road and Brecknock Road because without a right-turn lane all the traffic would be held up by the right turners (into Tufnell Park Road).

These changes do quite a lot for pedestrians but not much to alleviate the difficulty and danger of cycling through the junction on most alignments.


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