Cycle Lanes along A104 from The Warren to Wake Arms Rdbt. (CAP App. I.15.1)

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Added by Chris Lord

Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity by providing a better and safer on-road route along the A104 Epping New Road.
* Where possible, clear vegetation behind the existing off-road shared-use footway/cycleway section outside of The Warren, and widen this to make it safer and more useable.
* The route could then continue on-road as now, but with the existing Diagram 1004 markings removed and replaced by wider Diagram 1049B mandatory cycle lane markings, increasing the available width for cyclists from 0.8 metres to 1.2 metres
* Provide, at regular intervals, Diagram 1065 ‘40’ roundel road markings indicating the maximum speed limit along the road. This would supplement the existing Diagram 670 repeater signs which could also be provided in greater quantity.
* This scheme may potentially be considered during 2017 as part of the option development process for the A104 / B1393 Route Based Strategy
* There is the potential to create an off-road section of shared-use footway/cycleway in the area between the A104 Epping New Road, the Wake Arms Roundabout and the A121 Wake Road, to improve access from these routes to the restaurant and fuel station.


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