St Leonards Streatham Consulation

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Added by Simon Still

For pedestrians

Relocate the crossing at the junction. At the moment pedestrians on the eastern side of Streatham High Road cannot see oncoming traffic around the bend and vehicles cannot see people crossing. By relocating the crossing that is currently north of the junction on Streatham High Road to where demand is higher and making it a straight-across signal-controlled crossing we can make it safer for all road users. This relocated crossing would replace the existing unsignalised crossing on the southern arm of the junction where there is significantly lower demand
Create a raised imprint block-paved effect crossing on Gleneldon Road indicating to drivers that pedestrians are likely to be crossing making it easier and safer for people approaching the relocated crossing.

For cyclists

Cycling would be permitted in the proposed bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens (see below).

For bus passengers

Introduce a bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens approaching the junction by removing some parking. 15 high-frequency bus routes pass through the junction. Delays resulting from the new crossing would be mitigated by a new 170 metre bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens approaching the junction. There are often gaps in the parking so the proposal minimises the overall loss of parking spaces and makes more efficient use of the space (see the drawing for the location)
Ban the right-turn into and out of Shrubbery Road on Streatham High Road. Northbound buses are currently delayed by vehicles turning right into Shrubbery Road, approximately 150 metres north of the junction, because of a short right-turn pocket in the road. We therefore propose to ban the right-turn from Streatham High Road into Shrubbery Road for all traffic. There would also be a longer right-turn pocket to allow vehicles to queue without blocking traffic when turning into Sunnyhill Road. Vehicles turning right out of Shrubbery Road can also delay southbound traffic including buses so it is proposed that is banned too. Before we make the banned turns permanent we would monitor congestion and bus delays to confirm if it is necessary to mitigate the impact of the relocated crossing and making it controlled and will publish our findings
We would need to extend the right-turn ban from Mitcham Lane into Streatham High Road southbound to include buses. This wont have an impact on bus passengers as this turn is only used by buses 'not in service'. By fully banning the turn we reduce the traffic impact of the relocated crossing and making it controlled.


October 29th, 2017 15:00


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