cushion speed humps on Lochside Rd & Alloway Road

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Added by Cycling Dumfries

Received via Facebook: "These bumps are aligned alongside parking bays. i.e. 3 abreast. So as a cyclist I would not think on going over the top of these bumps. I would navigate between bump 1 and 2 from my side of the road. What happens in the instance whereby a parked car in that bay (on one of those humps) the car door is opened. This has narrowed down the road for cyclists and motorcyclists and possible cause for accidents or moves them between hump 2 /3 and into oncoming traffic. Move them further up the road away from parking bays. Please re-think these humps or make some that are fully across the road like at Lochside School."

We would add that even when the humps aren't by the parking bays, they encourage drivers to close pass cyclists, who move over to the side of the road and can then get squeezed. Converting these cushions to crossings raised to the level of the pavement would benefit pedestrians - even better if they could be zebra crossings.


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